Comic-Con 2012: ‘Nikita’ Books ‘Alcatraz’ Actor Jeffrey Pierce as First Baddie; Plus Season 3 Dish (VIDEO)

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Nikita returned to the stage at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday as its upcoming Season 3 represents a shift in the series when Nikita becomes co-leader of The Division, the organization she vowed to take down.

Moderated by HuffPost TV associate editor, Laura Prudom, the show started out the panel with a kick ass sizzle reel. Then, they broke some casting news.

When the series returns in October (shooting in Toronto begins in just a couple days), the crew will be tracking down rogue agents who the actors call by the unofficial title of “The Dirty 30.” And showrunner Craig Silverstein revealed its first “big bad” of Season 3: Alcatraz actor Jeffrey Pierce, who played Jack Sylvane on the FOX series.

What else did the showrunner and cast reveal at Con?

– Season 3 begins with a short time jump of about a month and the its theme is “family”. The offices have been redesigned since the raid and there’s a brand spanking new boardroom, which should allow for the crew to have those group scenes fans love so much.

Devon Sawa, who plays Owen as been made a series regular and returns on the fourth episode. Silverstein says they’ll answer, “Where the hell was Owen?” After all, one would think he would have loved to take part in the raid. Apparently, he comes back with a mystery and an agenda. Some things never change.

Noah Bean, who plays new Division co-leader, Ryan, has also been promoted to a series regular. Maggie Q says that one of the smartest things they did was to put Ryan in charge. “I think Nikita sitting behind the desk all day would be less interesting,” she jokes. Accordingly, Maggie and her team are the muscle while Ryan is the brains, Shane West explains.

– Alex’s romance will continue. Expect some increasing romance between Alex and Sean – even that first date they keep meaning to take! “Don’t talk about the sex slavery on the first date,” jokes Silverstein. This season as she takes the very public role as the head of her father’s company and it’s very transitional for her. She’s out in the open and cant’ go undercover. “She’s got to own it and I’m not sure how she’s going to handle it,” Lindsy Fonseca says.

– Tension between Ryan and Birkhoff? Clearly, Birkhoff had a taste of freedom on Season 2. Next season, he and new bossman Ryan will bump heads. Clearly, there’s some overlap in their computer skillsets.

– Amanda’s back! And her only desire is revenge on Nikita, reveals Melinda Clarke. There’s some changes. In addition to having a new look, she’ll have a new henchman – or should we say henchwoman? The show is looking for a female Roan!!! Plus, we’ll finally get to see some backstory on Amanda next season.

– Mikita goes strong until… Maggie Q says the couple starts off in a good place. Then, Silverstein adds, “Something happens that no one will see coming.” Could there be a darker side of Michael we haven’t seen yet? West says yes.

– Play that shower scene already. Silverstein probably rues the day he mentioned the idea of a “Mikita” shower scene. He’s says he’s working on it, but apparently it presents some production challenges to shoot in such a small space. But, don’t give up hope “Makit”a fans.

– Percy returns. Yes, he’s still dead. But, Silverstein mentions that he may come back in flashback.

What are you most looking forward to next season? Tell us in the comments section below.

Watch the sizzle reel played during the panel below.

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