‘Dallas’ Recap: Into the Hornet’s Nest

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The tensions are high and some unexpected people save the day on Wednesday’s episode of Dallas.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched “The Enemy of My Enemy”

Being in bed with a beautiful woman isn’t supposed to cause sleepless nights, right?

But that’s exactly what John Ross Ewing (Josh Henderson) was experiencing at Elena’s (Jordana Brewster). Instead of counting sheep, the incredibly sexy, oil scion was up pondering how to respond to equally hot cousin Christopher’s (Jesse Metcalfe) blackmail.

Should John Ross sell out his own daddy, JR (Larry Hagman), or risk going to prison for conspiring with Faux Marta (Leonor Varela) to snatch Southfork away from his Uncle Bobby (Patrick Duffy)? If only Christopher hadn’t gotten his hands on that sex tape!

After sharing a tender conversation with Elena, complete with lies of omission on his part, John Ross decided to fight even harder for his birthright. Later, the Ewing cousins squared off, with Christopher warning John Ross that the clock was ticking. Either he get him proof that JR was conspiring with the fake Del Sol Conservancy, or Chris was taking the disc, featuring John Ross getting freaky with the enemy, to the police!

John Ross proved he can play poker almost as good as the man who sired him, by calling Christopher’s bluff. John Ross insisted he wasn’t involved in JR’s dirty dealings and further claimed there wasn’t anything to dig up on Jock Ewing’s first born. Chris, of course, wasn’t buying any of that. John Ross ended the war of words by declaring all the DVD proved was he got busy with someone else the night Christopher busted up his relationship with Elena. John Ross: 1; Christopher: 1.

Elsewhere in Braddock County, Texas, Bobby confronted Ann (Brenda Strong) about going behind his back to ask her ex-husband for help in preventing Southfork from being drilled on. On last week’s installment of Dallas, Ann had asked her former spouse, Harris Ryland (Mitch Pileggi), to pull his tankers from JR and John Ross’ project.

Ann thought she was helping Bobby, but someone should have informed the latest Mrs. Ewing, the men in that family aren’t too keen on their women fighting their battles! Bobby eventually proved forgiving, but worried Ann’s deal with Mitch would come with a price they weren’t willing to pay.

Rebecca’s (Julie Gonzalo) no-good brother Tommy (Callard Harris) was still poring over the documents they’d rustled from Southfork. Tommy is just as determined to swindle the Ewings out of millions, as Rebecca is to reunite with Christopher, whom she has fallen in love with for real. I guess she never read that chapter in Con Artistry For Dummies about not falling for your mark?

When Rebecca found a trust document separating the land and mineral rights to Southfork, she opted to give it to Christopher and Bobby, instead of her brother. The guilt-ridden lass scurried over to the ranch to pass on her findings, only to be rebuffed by a still furious Christopher. Lucky for Rebecca, Bobby proved a tad bit more grateful. If the trust turned out to be legit, then Bobby and JR’s grandfather, original Southfork patriarch Aaron Southworth, had managed to thwart any attempts to drill on the legendary ranch from beyond the grave!

As Rebecca was leaving Southfork, she suffered a nosebleed and was taken to the hospital by of all people, Elena, the young woman who had lost Christopher as a result of Rebecca and Tommy’s treachery.

When Ann received a note and a locket from Ryland that made her break down on the Southfork veranda, an enraged Bobby went after his new foe. What was it about that locket that caused such a reaction in our Annie?

After receiving a rather ominous visit from Vincente (Carlos Bernad), the ruthless, Venezuelan oil baron who financed JR’s purchase of Southfork, John Ross went to the most powerful woman in Texas for help, his mother. Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) initially balked at her son’s request to use her political clout to entice Ryland into allowing the use of his tankers, but once she learned the Venezuelans would likely harm John Ross if he didn’t make good on JR’s deal, Sue Ellen softened.

While John Ross was dealing with potentially murderous South Americans, unstable ex-lovers and blackmailing cousins in Dallas, JR was in Vegas, trying to get in on an invitation-only poker game, hosted by his arch nemesis Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval). Way to leave your boy holding the oil barrel there, JR!

Just when John Ross thinks he’s won, Christopher and Bobby show up with proof that Grandpa Southworth’s trust is the real deal. JR might own the ranch, but the mineral rights belong to all three of Miss Ellie’s boys equally, JR, Gary (Ted Shackelford) and Bobby. Bobby informs John Ross that his Uncle Gary has already ceded his third of the Southfork mineral rights to Bobby, which means he controls every drop of oil beneath the ranch!

Buzz Moments

OMG!: John Ross and Elena come home to find the door open. The Ewing heir discovers Marta/Veronica left a picture of the two of them together… with a knife sticking out of it!

Thank you, TV gods: JR is in Las Vegas hatching another one of his epic schemes to bring his lifelong nemesis Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval) down. From the grave, these two will still try to best the other one.

Awk-ward: A diva-licious Marta/Veronica surprises John Ross at his condo and wants to resume their relationship as if nothing happened. John Ross bluntly calls out his ex-partner in crime on her cray-cray and rips her for making her incriminating sex tape and lets her know their playtime is over. Ouch.

Hotness: Sue Ellen gets Harris to resume transportation of the oil on Southfork, with a promise that once she’s in office as Governor of Texas, she will give him a transportation contract. Harris declines her offer but decides to send out the tankers with no strings attached AND donates to her campaign. After all these years, Miss Texas can still charm any man.

Fab-u-lous: After discovering Ann in a crying mess, Bobby busts into Harris’s meeting and gives him a nice backhand slap for sending her a gift. Even though he’s hit retirement, Bobby still proves he’s still got that red-hot temper he had growing up.

Can. Not. Wait: I’m interested to see what John Ross is going to do now that he has both Vincente and Marta/Veronica after him. Is he going to be able to pull a JR and charm his way out of his latest mess? Or will JR have to come in and show his son how its done?

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 8

How do you think JR and John Ross will react to the latest on the mineral rights? Sound off in the comments section below.

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