Daniel Tosh Rape Joke Controversy: Readers Respond By Branding Comic ‘Disgusting’

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Tosh.0 host Daniel Tosh has landed in the hot seat for a controversial routine about rape that drew the ire of some audience members.

Critics have taken aim at the 37-year-old comic, targeting him for being inappropriate and going too far with his comments. After an outspoken audience member vocalized their disdain for the material at his July 6th show at Los Angeles’ Laugh Factory, Tosh replied: “Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by like, 5 guys right now? Like right now?”

His fellow comedians have rallied around the star, saying a joke is a joke.

The question is: Is anybody laughing?

Tosh himself apologized for the outburst via Twitter.

But Celebuzz readers aren’t so forgiving, lashing out against the so-called coming by calling him “disgusting.” Here’s a sampling of what our readers had to say:

Emily: If what the blogger described is what Tosh said – yes, I think it’s disgusting. I also think in that case that it’s disgusting that the N-word is banned, yet suggesting that it would be funny for an audience member “to get raped right now” – or that it would be funny for ANYONE to be raped, EVER – is completely passable. Since when is being physically violated in arguably the worst and most intimate way a person can be violated even comparable to merely being called a pejorative term?! WTF is wrong with people…!?!

Albert: So let me get this straight: It is okay for a “comedian” to be as offensive and shocking as they want to be and that is accpetable. If, however, an audience member dares react in any way other than falling down at the comedian’s feet and praising their “genius,” that person should be subject to public humiliation and open threats of violence. Hmmm.

twinklemepink06: I personally hate his “humor.” I’m not sorry about it either. RAPE IS NOT FUNNY. If you keep making “jokes” about it, then you are desensitizing it as if it is nothing.

Tab: His “joke” isn’t funny … He is irrelevant and pathetic. As for his fellow peers “rallying” around him, perhaps they have such a dismal career that by minimizing that cowardly and sick act, are looking to for a subject to [get] a couple of laughs from the pervs in their audience. His reasoning for going on and on about the woman who spoke out was because she heckled him…REALLY??


Andrea: You will get your ass handed to you if you say the N-word, but if you humiliate a woman, it’s totally fine. I can see laughing at a joke about rape – but he targeted an audience member, laughing at the possibility of her being gang raped. If you’re that woman, sitting in the audience, that’s got to be a scary situation – it’s not some random joke about a stranger. Plus, what he said wasn’t even funny! I don’t mind being offended, but feeling physically threatened is all together different.

nmad: Going to a comedy show and making a JOKE about rape I can understand. May not like it, but you either put up with it until the person moves on, or just leave the show. What he said about the woman should getting raped right now, that was not a joke but a reaction, which to me makes the difference. As a female, I would’ve felt incredibly uncomfortable had someone said that about me, so I can understand her reaction. No one should be “castigated,” but when someone says something this stupid they should be made to feel it so they learn their lesson. But wait, that’s not all — some readers sided with those comedians who support Tosh, saying it’s just a joke.

But wait, that’s not all — some readers sided with those comedians who support Tosh, saying it’s just a joke.


getoveryourself: nobody in their right minds actually thinks rape is funny. Get over yourselves. You KNOW if you go to a comedy show that the possibility of a comic saying something offensive or inappropriate is like 99.5%. If you have ever watched Daniel Tosh then you KNOW his entire act is completely inappropriate and offensive. If you had shown up for a Neil Diamond concert and Daniel Tosh was accidentally put on stage instead, then you could be all righteous. Anybody who goes to the Laugh Factory expecting vanilla comedy is delusional.

A former rape victim: I hope that Tosh takes this opportunity to develop a really insane set on heckling and the people who heckle. Anyone who takes themselves that seriously does not belong in a comedy club to begin with, at least not one for adults. That’s what comedy is for, people! To shine the skewed light of hilarity on horrible subjects, to take the power out of them, to push us out of our personal comfort zones just long enough to get a different perspective. I didn’t hear the joke, but knowing his style I bet $100 that I would have been slightly offended but seen the humor and laughed anyway.

What did you think of Tosh’s rape joke? Continue the debate, below.

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