Daniel Tosh Rape Joke Controversy: Readers Respond By Branding Comic 'Disgusting'

readers offended by rape comments
Daniel Tosh Branded 'Disgusting' by Celebuzz Readers
Tosh Flack: Comics React
Daniel Tosh
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Tosh.0 host Daniel Tosh has landed in the hot seat for a controversial routine about rape that drew the ire of some audience members.

Critics have taken aim at the 37-year-old comic, targeting him for being inappropriate and going too far with his comments. After an outspoken audience member vocalized their disdain for the material at his July 6th show at Los Angeles' Laugh Factory, Tosh replied: "Wouldn’t it be funny if that girl got raped by like, 5 guys right now? Like right now?"

His fellow comedians have rallied around the star, saying a joke is a joke.

The question is: Is anybody laughing?

Tosh himself apologized for the outburst via Twitter.

But Celebuzz readers aren't so forgiving, lashing out against the so-called coming by calling him "disgusting." Here's a sampling of what our readers had to say:

Emily: If what the blogger described is what Tosh said – yes, I think it’s disgusting. I also think in that case that it’s disgusting that the N-word is banned, yet suggesting that it would be funny for an audience member “to get raped right now” – or that it would be funny for ANYONE to be raped, EVER – is completely passable. Since when is being physically violated in arguably the worst and most intimate way a person can be violated even comparable to merely being called a pejorative term?! WTF is wrong with people…!?!

Albert: So let me get this straight: It is okay for a “comedian” to be as offensive and shocking as they want to be and that is accpetable. If, however, an audience member dares react in any way other than falling down at the comedian’s feet and praising their "genius," that person should be subject to public humiliation and open threats of violence. Hmmm.

twinklemepink06: I personally hate his “humor.” I’m not sorry about it either. RAPE IS NOT FUNNY. If you keep making “jokes” about it, then you are desensitizing it as if it is nothing.

Tab: His “joke” isn’t funny ... He is irrelevant and pathetic. As for his fellow peers “rallying” around him, perhaps they have such a dismal career that by minimizing that cowardly and sick act, are looking to for a subject to [get] a couple of laughs from the pervs in their audience. His reasoning for going on and on about the woman who spoke out was because she heckled him...REALLY??


Andrea: You will get your ass handed to you if you say the N-word, but if you humiliate a woman, it’s totally fine. I can see laughing at a joke about rape – but he targeted an audience member, laughing at the possibility of her being gang raped. If you’re that woman, sitting in the audience, that’s got to be a scary situation – it’s not some random joke about a stranger. Plus, what he said wasn’t even funny! I don’t mind being offended, but feeling physically threatened is all together different.

nmad: Going to a comedy show and making a JOKE about rape I can understand. May not like it, but you either put up with it until the person moves on, or just leave the show. What he said about the woman should getting raped right now, that was not a joke but a reaction, which to me makes the difference. As a female, I would've felt incredibly uncomfortable had someone said that about me, so I can understand her reaction. No one should be “castigated,” but when someone says something this stupid they should be made to feel it so they learn their lesson. But wait, that's not all -- some readers sided with those comedians who support Tosh, saying it's just a joke.

But wait, that’s not all — some readers sided with those comedians who support Tosh, saying it’s just a joke.


getoveryourself: nobody in their right minds actually thinks rape is funny. Get over yourselves. You KNOW if you go to a comedy show that the possibility of a comic saying something offensive or inappropriate is like 99.5%. If you have ever watched Daniel Tosh then you KNOW his entire act is completely inappropriate and offensive. If you had shown up for a Neil Diamond concert and Daniel Tosh was accidentally put on stage instead, then you could be all righteous. Anybody who goes to the Laugh Factory expecting vanilla comedy is delusional.

A former rape victim: I hope that Tosh takes this opportunity to develop a really insane set on heckling and the people who heckle. Anyone who takes themselves that seriously does not belong in a comedy club to begin with, at least not one for adults. That’s what comedy is for, people! To shine the skewed light of hilarity on horrible subjects, to take the power out of them, to push us out of our personal comfort zones just long enough to get a different perspective. I didn’t hear the joke, but knowing his style I bet $100 that I would have been slightly offended but seen the humor and laughed anyway.

What did you think of Tosh's rape joke? Continue the debate, below.

In the meantime, check out what top comedians find funny in the video.

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  • Zee

    ITS A JOKE! if your offended by his comedy maybe you should be smart enough to not go to his show! Plus, she was a heckler, everyone knows you're going to get the comic to single you out and make you look dumb. If your going to ruin someone's set your going to get attention, the comidian needs to regain control of their show. They're not going to let some uptight jerk who thinks their hot sht take over, that a comidian's job. It just sounds to me like she was very vain and dumb. Myself, as a women, find Daniel's show and standup halarious, and I am not upset at all over his JOKE.

  • Paton

    Looking at his joke as a so called "joke" it's pretty feeble compared to other material. I think it's actually embarrassing on his part to even try to act as if that is a funny joke or "on the spot" stand up. Let's face it, as controversial as it is and despite whether people are offended by it or not, it just wasn't funny. It's an appalling attempt at humour and an insult to actually funny comedians and comediennes. Maybe he should just stick to his prepared material and - like most successful comedians and comediennes - ignore apparent "hecklers". You know do his job right by making people laugh as opposed to causing controversy? He's a comedian not a preacher.

  • BigRed

    Not a rape victim. You don't know that.


    Not everyone likes *women*


    Don't heckle comedians, asshole. You're going to get raped.


    .... Who the fuck thinks raping is not "serious"? What kind of brain damaged asshole thinks this? Of course rape itself isn't funny, it's not like Tosh was showing tapes of REAL rapes (rape porn is quite popular with the weirdos), or saying "remember when your dad raped you when you were younger". Jokes are jokes, people make dead baby jokes all the time... are real dead babies funny? NO. The fuck is wrong with everyone, get the fucking pole out of your ass.


    Everyone complains about them. As they complain about black people. Both are jokes.


    Racism is hilarious. Slavery? LOL.


    The funniest part of all this is that these over spoken and over sensitive ladies went to see Dane Cook and "all the other comedians that they didn't know about" -- Dane Cook fans? People give a shit what they think? LOL.

  • DR

    What are Tosh fans freaking out about? Are you fucking kidding me? Who started this entire thing? Some sensitive bitch who can't take a joke. Daniel Tosh has been making these type jokes for years. If you don't like it, don't listen to him. We are complaining because people like you want more censorship of the things that we find enjoyable. His supporters actually find rape jokes humorous. Do we think actual rape is funny? Of course not. Get the tit out of your mouth and grow up. That girl choose to be in that situation. She we to a comedy club, the most vulgar place a person can go. And she had to have known Daniel Tosh's sense of humor. Conclusion: If you don't like it, don't watch it.

  • Karen

    It was taken out of context and misquoted.. God, all you crazy bitches will jump onto a "someone was wronged" band wagon without having the full details, or having been there. You make us all look bad. GET OVER IT.

  • twinklemepink06

    are you effing kidding me? i'm going to rape you and see how it feels.

  • chzhdintn

    They have direct control over people's actions??? What an absolutely insane thing to say! Perhaps there was hyperbole intended but considering the rest of your comment it seems doubtful. Chris Rock alone made white kids think it was ok to use the 'n' word?? You mean Chris Rock is so powerful that the constant use of the word in popular music and in the speech of their black friends/peers had nothing to do with it, but Chris Rock did. Furthermore, there has not been a huge problem with white kids saying it that were not racist, leading to a lot of conflicts. I have always had a diverse group of friends and I have a sarcastic, un-pc view of the world. I have said many things that would be "racist" to anyone taking it out of context and have never had an issue with a minority friend being offended. The people in the audience know the context of the guy because they are fans and just as my black friends know when I say something racist, it is making fun of racist, Tosh fans know he is not amused by rape or take it lightly. Every comics professional abilities are "highly questionable" to someone, and considering his popularity his less so then most of them. Your last sentence I agree with 100% and it's why i found your comment despicable.

  • chzhdintn

    Noian, he thinks every horrible thing a person could say/believe in life is funny when delivered by someone who seems like such a nice, normal guy. That is what his act is about

  • chzhdintn

    The people defending him are being to sensitive?? Ok, lol. Honestly, I'm not sure I have ever heard a guy make a rape joke in my life outside of entertainers and about people going to prison. It sounds like its common for you and that seems odd. Anyway, the uproar is ridiculous. No one with a scintila of common sense that is familiar with DT actually believes he is amused by rape. His whole act is saying things that are horrific and would not be the least bit funny if they were said by anyone with sincerity.

  • Nolan

    Buzzfeed has an awesome video montage re: tosh and rape jokes. He makes them all the time. Always has, definitely thinks they're hilarious.

  • Kaden

    Why are Tosh fans freaking out over the fact that he's being criticized? Get over it. People were offended. Not everyone likes rape "jokes".

  • Moujik, PhD, Wiccan Arts, Norse Mythology
    Moujik, PhD, Wiccan Arts, Norse Mythology

    again, something has been taken out of context by the media and blown out of proportion. i agree with both sides. i am a former rape victim. i am female to male transsexual which means that my body has been both violated as a man and as a woman. it started when i was 6 - does that make a difference? humour is both 'black' and 'white' just like humans come in all shades of 'flesh' it's okay to make jokes about yourself and your culture - to quote a fellow commenter, who i thank for inspiring this post - chris rock can use the n'word, why? because he's BLACK. just like i can make gay/lesbian/ tranny jokes and get away with it - why? because i'm FTM and have had times in my life where i was lesbian (pre-transition) and gay (post-transition) which means i'm actually bisexual, but, that's for another 'coming out' forum. do you suppose Mr. Tosh chose that particular opportunity to kill a few birds with one stone? i've had opportunities in my life where i've been on stage in the middle of a live performance and have had 'audience participation' - you deal with them and draw upon your skills of improv. in dealing with this situation, do you suppose Mr. Tosh wanted to call attention to a certain subject because he himself has been affected by it - either personally or someone he loves? or he's sick of it happening, for real? why can't we talk about this? it's obviously not okay to ever say the 'n' or 'r' words but have we become an overly sensitive society? why can't we talk about sexual abuse? the catholic, mormon, and united churches are guilty. coaches of hockey players and scout leaders - guilty. so, he used it as a joke. At first, I was nauseated - I have never watched this program and would rather watch MasterChef or Saving Hope, but I was curious as to it's 'context'. Once i discovered this woman was 'heckling' - I chose to take both sides. It was phrased inappropriately and I agree with the commenter who suggested it was a 'reaction' I think his ultimate 'end game' was to highlight a serious issue that has been silent for too long. Growing up in the gay community, I studied my history - I know of Stonewall, the riots, the parades, and the further work we need to do as a community to thrive and survive; i'm looking to the outside world, learning of what's going on, and seeing in my head the placards we first carried, 'Silence = Death" - we, as a people, have to start speaking up and 'coming out'. Our fears that we won't be believed - haunt us. Our regrets for not confiding in an adult earlier because we feared retribution - haunt us. Mr. Tosh has opened the doors to healing through comedy, and THAT is where I agree with him. Thank you and may healing come for all - through the tears can come laughter and through the laughter - we can create the necessary healing release of endorphins, our bodies' natural 'happy drug,' creating individuals who thrive and survive. To heal a cultural wound takes time but we need those individuals who make up our communities who make up our societies and nations - to heal first. It starts with recognizing the impact these offences have on both the victim and the offender. To heal a wounded nation, it will take a great deal of understanding and hope toward reconciliation. Peace.

  • eb

    The owner of the comedy club (Laugh Factory) actually claims that the person who wrote on their blog about the incident is actually not true. He said that he actually said something like "This girl must have been raped five times." Although rape is not a humorous topic, I think if you enter a comedy club, you should not take everything seriously. I'm quite sure that Daniel does not find rape to be hilarious.

  • Lance

    If 20% of women have been raped, then there's a good chance that most of us know at least one or two rapists. Personally, when I hear a dude make a rape joke, I always assume that he's probably a rapist. I also read something today that most men who rape believe that other men are rapists too. DR, if DT can't take the heat, he shouldn't make the rape "jokes". The people defending him are being waaaaaaay too sensitive.

  • DR

    She was singled out? From what I've heard, she was a heckler. It's not like Daniel randomly pointed to this woman and made those statements. She made herself visible.

  • Well

    The way he said it was wrong, but people need to realize it's a comedians job to joke about things that are serious and "controversial". Btw, why would you go to his show if you find him so "inapropriate" to begin with. She should have expected to be called out and made fun of in that situation.

  • DR

    Its a joke, not a dick. These bitches need to learn not to take it so hard.

  • Jane

    If an audience member getting raped is funny and funny things are good, then at least sometimes rape is good. So creepy.

  • Jay Berry
    Jay Berry

    People get over it. If you don't like him then dont pay to see the freking comedy show! She got what any heckler would have got and it was hilarious!

  • gia

    I don't think that's it a problem with the joke being about rape as much as it's a problem about the joke not being funny. Because it wasn't. It was idiotic and chauvinistic. If you're going to make a joke about rape, at least make it smart and semi-humorous.

  • amieinaz

    love, love, love Daniel Tosh! he was being heckled by this woman. don't worry about the haters Daniel...you're one of the funniest comics around!

  • bellacoco

    He is a comedian! There is humor in everything! I agree with the people who say that if you are easily offended then don't go to comedy shows! I couldn't care less about the content of a comedians show, I only care if it is funny or not! I was raped when I was 11 and can laugh at myself so get over yourselves! I think that tosh is hilarious!

  • BoyfriendToARapeVictim

    Bravo! I agree completely. Except, Chris Rock is black. Daniel Tosh is not a rape victim.

  • Anuynok

    Of course a bunch of dumb bitches complain about a rape joke. Because dead babies, murder, genocide, drugs, religion, and prison rape of men are ok. But when it comes to prison rape of WOMAN, it's a WHOLE big difference. Just shut the fuck up and deal with it, there's much worse things in life.

  • Taylor Alexander
    Taylor Alexander

    Comedians have direct control on the actions of others. Chris Rock, for example, used to have this set in the 90s where he used the word "nigga" and laughed at it. But then the White folk who went to his shows started using it, all because he made is seem like some little word, and that led conflicts that he himself did not agree with and so he stopped doing that set. Tosh makes joke about rape, singles out audience member. Some person goes home with the notion that rape is funny and something to not be sensitized to, and problems ensue. Tosh's comedic ability has always been questionable. Now let's see if he can be funny without making a joke out of something that has ruined the lives of so many people. I'm all for free speech, but I despise it if it is dumb, highly ignorant speech.

  • Wonder

    Yet no one cares about all the racist jokes Chris Rock makes.

  • Nicole Ordonez
    Nicole Ordonez

    I've never found Daniel Tosh funny. Can't say I'm surprised that he would say something like that.

  • Igotit

    Who gives a shit? Females are a joke, but you dont see anyone complaining about them