Former Miss Arizona Teen USA Tori Vance Breaks Silence on DUI: ‘I Just Knew My Luck Was Up’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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Former Miss Arizona Teen USA Tori Vance is ready to make amends for a DUI charge she received in May.

Vance, 18, is hoping to work with the group Students Against Drunk Driving  in order to educate young people on the perils of drinking and driving.

What did she tell Celebuzz about the night of her arrest?

“I was completely coherent, and I didn’t hurt anybody,” Vance said. “But it’s not worth it. Even if you think ‘Oh, I’ve had just one or two drinks,’ [that] doesn’t mean you’re fine.”

According to Vance, she reached out to SADD after her DUI charge; the organization expressed in working with her, but said she’ll have to wait until her charge is resolved in court.

Vance has pleaded not guilty to that charge, but admits she had a few drinks the night she was pulled over. During a work dinner with friends, someone bought drinks for the entire table and she had a few, Vance says. When she was driving someone home after the dinner, she says she missed her turn and made an illegal U-turn. That’s when she saw police lights.

“I just knew my luck was up,” Vance says. “I had done something I wasn’t supposed to, even though that wasn’t my intention.”

When TMZ got wind of the story, she decided to ignore the outlet’s requests for comment, hoping the story would blow over. But after several days of ignoring TMZ, it ran the piece anyway.

Vance now thinks it was a mistake to have hidden from the media.

“Just face it — it’s so much easier to do,” she says, adding, “You can turn any situation into the positive.”

That’s what she’s trying to do now, as she hopes to spark conversation with young people over her DUI charge.

Vance, who moved to Los Angeles at 16 to pursue modeling, is considering returning to her pageant roots and making a run for the Miss California USA crown next year. She says that her DUI would not bar her from competing, though she isn’t sure if entering the pageant is the right move.

“It takes up all of your time and effort,” she says. “I have a few other things that may be better for me at the time.”

Though Vance has yet to begin her work talking with young people about drunk driving, she already has some words of wisdom ready.

“It takes more work humbling yourself,” she says. “It takes confessing things that you don’t want to confess.”

Do you think Vance is doing the right thing by speaking out?

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