Kristen Stewart on ‘Breaking Dawn– Part 2’ Sex Scene With Robert Pattinson: ‘We Just Wanted to Be Animals’

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had reporters at Comic-Con roaring with laughter on Thursday as they bantered back and forth while promoting The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn– Part 2. But it was Celebuzz that got Stewart to open about the sex scenes between her character Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, played by her real-life beau Pattinson.

Since there was so much hype around the love scene in Breaking Dawn–Part 1, there were questions as to whether fans would see the same type of intimate moments in the final installment of the film, especially seeing as Bella is now a vampire.

“Ratings man, it’s a tricky thing,” Kristen said before turning to Mackenzie Foy— who plays her daughter in the upcoming film– “Mackenzie, go away!”

Stewart elaborated on what is in store, sex-wise, in the final installment, telling Celebuzz,

“How do you have– we’re supposed to have mind boggling, other worldly sex in the first one, in Breaking Dawn 1,” Stewart said.

“We really tried to make the first one sweet. It’s about discovery. Nothing about this series is raunchy.”

Pattinson jumped in, telling Stewart, “Get to the point Kristen.”

“Shut the f–k up,” Stewart said turning to him, which sent a room full of reporters hysterically laughing.

“Where is Mackenzie’s swear jar,” Twilight series author Stephenie Meyer said, referencing a swear jar Foy kept on set (Rob, 26, and Kristen were the worst offenders).

“You’re talking about sex, you’re swearing,” Rob said laughing looking at Stewart. Unfazed, Kristen continued,

“For the second one, we just wanted to be animals. We’re not humans anymore,” she said. “Yeah, how do you do that? We tried. They told us it was rated R, and so, yeah. I’m gonna stop now.”

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