Kristen Stewart's 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn--Part II' Vampire Transformation 'Super Hot', Says Costar Elizabeth Reaser (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

'She's Gorgeous' -- Reaser on Stewart
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Twilight actress Elizabeth Reaser had only kind things to say about co-star Kristen Stewart Wednesday night at Summit's Breaking Dawn - Part II party at Comic-Con. Specifically, Reaser gushed over Stewart's character Bella's highly anticipated transformation from human to full-fledged vampire in the saga's final chapter.

"She's just super-hot," Reaser told Celebuzz on the red carpet. "She can work any look there is. She happens to look intensely hot as a vampire. She's gorgeous."

This week also marks the final time the Twilight cast will appear together at Comic-Con to promote the franchise. (Their first appearance dates back to the first movie in the saga, in 2008.)

Naturally, on the heels of the big Breaking Dawn - Part II panel, Reaser admitted she was a little bummed about having to say goodbye.

"It feels sad," she said. "There's a nostalgic element here, because we're never gonna be here again for this movie."

"Just seeing Peter [Facinelli] tonight and all my buddies from the movie is fun," she added.

Watch the video for more of Celebuzz's interview with Elizabeth Reaser!

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part II hits theaters on Nov. 16.



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