‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ Comic-Con Panel: 7 Things We Learned About the Movie

On Thursday, the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 cast braved thousands of screaming fans at Comic-Con in San Diego, Calif. in support of the final installment of the hit franchise.

Here’s 7 things we learned from the panel discussion with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Co. about Part 2, which hits theaters in November.

Taryn Ryder@taryder — reports.

1. Kristen Stewart Really is a Gorgeous Vampire

Her co-stars were not exaggerating, 22-year-old Stewart looks stunning. Also, the blue dress was a fabulous choice. It brings out those red eyes!

2. Bella Is Starving

Fans are going to go wild when they see Stewart’s character Bella hunt for the first time. After coming close to eating a bleeding hiker, Bella devours a deer. To see her climb, jump and hunt — well, “it’s unreal” as one onlooker in the 6500-seat H Hall told Celebuzz.

3. There Will Be Some Lighthearted Moments

There were a couple of lighter moments during the panel.

During the short clips that we shown, we see Bella give Edward a hug. Also, when Bella realizes Jacob really does smell that bad — damn werewolves — the crowd in the auditorium seemed to enjoy the playful banter.

4. Edward and Bella Have Some Serious PDA

If the seven minutes of seduction were any indication, Pattinson and Stewart get hot and heavy in the film. We see them hug, make out, hold hands and get super touchy feely.

5. The Audience Sees Things From Bella’s Point of View

Director Bill Condon delivers the audience a treat. We see what Bella sees — for a moment in time, at least. The way Condon orchestrates the visuals is stunning. From the colors to the scenery, everything does look better when you’re a vampire — apparently.

6. Jacob is Actually Happy, Not All Brooding

Stewart was right… the love triangle becomes a circle in this film. When she and Edward get back from their hunt, Jacob greets them and is almost chipper. He even pays them a compliment telling them they do look like a really good couple.

7. Bella Doesn’t Know Jacob Has Imprinted

You forget that even though we know Jacob has imprinted, Bella does not. She doesn’t know why Jacob cares so much for Renesmee.

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