‘Dark Knight Rises’ Spoiler: Did David Letterman Reveal The Ending During Anne Hathaway Interview? (VIDEO)

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David Letterman created quite a buzz during his Late Show on Thursday night when he possibly gave away the entire ending to the upcoming film, The Dark Knight Rises.

**Possible spoiler ahead**

During his interview with actress Anne Hathaway, who stars as Catwoman, the host blurted out that Batman dies at the end of Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated trilogy!

“I saw this movie, the Batman movie,” Letterman said. “And in the end, Batman is dead.”

How did Hathaway react to the possible spoiler?

After an awkward silence, he and Hathaway laughed it off, with Letterman insisting, “He’s not dead!”

Even if it was a joke, though, fans have been going crazy online about how the death of the Caped Crusader will go down.

Warner Bros.’ The Dark Knight Rises flies into theaters on July 20.

Take a look at a new movie clip below.

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