Kate Middleton’s Cousin to Pose For Playboy — 9 Others Who’ve Stripped to Cash in on Celebrity Connections (PHOTOS)

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The news that Katrina Darling, the second cousin to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, will strip down for Playboy’s September issue appears to be a natural extension of her passion for showing all.

The burlesque dancer has admitted she had no idea she was related to Princess until shortly before her cousin’s royal nuptials — and credits much of her newfound success to her family ties.

But for those crying foul, take note: Darling is far from the first to strip down and cash in a celebrity connection.

Who else in Darling’s situation has bared all?

Levi Johnston, the former boyfriend of Bristol Palin, stripped for Playgirl in 2009, earning a reported $150,000. Johnston’s sister, in turn, cashed in on his fame to secure her own Playboy spread two years later.

Jaimee Grubbs went from waitress to Maxim model seemingly overnight after revealing herself as one of Tiger Woods’ many sexual conquests. And the teenage daughter of Matrix star Laurence Fishburne went even further, starring in a pornographic film titled An A-List Daughter Makes her XXX Debut.

View the gallery to see those photos and more.

Is Darling’s use of her celebrity connection appropriate — or in poor taste? Sound off in the comments.

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