Katie Holmes As Rachel Dawes in ‘Batman Begins’: Flashback Friday (VIDEO)

'Dark Knight Rises' Stills
Scenes from 'The Dark Knight Rises'.
Over the last few weeks, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have dominated headlines in a frenzy of divorce settlements and scientology debates.

Though we’ve come to know Holmes as one half of the dynamic duo known as TomKat, respectively, this sensational split leaves everyone wondering what single life will bring for the 33-year-old actress. After all, recent allegations claim Cruise had quite the hold over the actress’ career choices.

But Holmes was a star before Tom, as is evident in our Flasback Friday clip from Christopher Nolan’s movie Batman Begins.

“I’m starting to come into my own. It’s like a new phase,” the actress told Elle magazine in a recent pre-divorce interview.

Before Maggie Gyllenhall took over, it was Holmes who first charmed audiences as Bruce Wayne’s (Christian Bale) love interest, Rachel Dawes, in Nolan’s first movie in his Batman franchise.

Holmes played the sexy, smart lawyer who was also a damsel in distress in the 2005 film.

“I think she’s got a wonderfully, warm and generous presence that’s very glamorous. Very girl next door at the same time. But she also has this maturity beyond her years which the character really needed,” Nolan said of the Dawson’s Creek star’s performance at the time.

Although Katie declined to reprise her role in the rest of the Dark Knight films, Celebuzz is taking a moment to commemorate her with a clip from her performance in Batman Begins.

The last installment in Nolan’s Batman series, The Dark Night Rises, hits theaters Friday, July 20.