Supermodel Showdown: Victoria's Secret's Anne Vyalitsyna Vs. Behati Prinsloo (POLL)

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Another day, another gorgeous girl for Adam Levine.

The Maroon 5 hottie certainly has a type when it comes to dating. hEe split from Victoria’s Secret model Anne Vyalitsyna earlier this year, moving right on to courting fellow VS beauty Behati Prinsloo.

Fans of all these sexy stars, Celebuzz is asking which gal of Levine's turns more heads in their skimpy runway outfits?

Cast your vote in the poll.

Levine, 33 and Prinsloo, 23, were recently spotted out and about holding hands in New York City on Tuesday, July 10, reportedly returning to their hotel room together after having dinner at Blue Ribbon restaurant.

The Voice judge and blonde bombshell Vyalitsyna, 26, dated for two years before calling it quits.

So tell us which sexy supermodel do you prefer? Sound off in the comments!

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  • rosa

    Anne obviously!! this poll is an insult to Anne.

  • TP

    Anne ! caz she is Anne.

  • tot


  • Laura

    i still don't know behati's personality well enough, and it's hard to choose because anne's pretty witty and nice and i really like her, need to see more from behati :) but generally i'd perfer her, she seems more down to earth and less diva, she acts much mora natural, like she doesn't even realizes she's a supermodel. I honestly feel like i actually could be friends with behati... In modeling abilities I also have to choose B: - anne doesn't look 25, she looks like 30. - Behati looks fresh and young and fun and natural - even though in comparison behati's skinnier, somehow anne looks much more bony, and that doesn't look good, having her bones sticking out. i think that adds her age. - like, as a model, there is NO comparison. Behati is better. Hum, hello, last time i checked models had to have a nice body, not just skinny..? and she actually has style. an attitude. she's not just a pretty-common face, she's unic.

  • Esfd


  • Marooner


  • macey

    The only reason Anne beat Behati is because it was rigged by the widows- Good Job Widows!! - Anne is in love with herself and that is not appealing!! Why send out all these pictures of yourself. Clue- We don't care!! - Note to Anne: Don't date tweeter- find a life and maybe you can meet someone. Stop posting pics of you hugging the TV with a see through robe and messy hair. It brings the wrong message. - Please enroll in some acting classes because you need to loosen up . This can help and maybe you can meet an actor boyfriend.

  • Mark

    I have a suggestion to MAKE THIS SAME POLL IN SIX MONTHS! The results will be completely different! Give Behati some time to people know her beauty and personality! A message to Anne's widows: get a life!...... ("widows" the way the dog fans of Anne are being called in web). Women can be funny and mean......

  • Adam Levine
    Adam Levine

    Behati Prinsloo for sure! Anne is past......

  • Mark

    Anne beats Behati? I'm laughing really hard now as a man! 1) better body= Behati 2) better face= Behati 3) better hair= Behati 4) Behati is the best! i LOVE HER NATURAL LOOK! Just compare a pic of Anne and Behati WITHOUT MAKE UP!

  • Jess

    Behati! People who voted in Anne are blind and brainwashed by 2 years of Anne overexposed by her relationship with Adam Levine!

  • Sally

    Behati all the way! Well Adam has made his choice! Oh yes Beahti is a girl and Anne is aging really fast (probably wil end her model career soon).

  • Helen

    Anne!!!! Bee is a girl..... Anne is a woman!

  • FANI

    BEHATI...She's so natural and awsome looking =) Love this African Princess.

  • ceecee

    Anne beats Behati by a milestone !! better body, better face, better hair, she is just the best, behati is a dog/

  • Mark


  • Dolphin


  • Chloe

    BEHAT!!! Adam made his choice: BEHATI!!!

  • Saul

    Behati all the way! She IS a VS angel! Gorgeous, fresh, natural, healthy, funny and sweet! An upgrade for Adam Levine!

  • merby

    Behati is beautiful with a fun funky personality !! She is the true meaning of what an Angel should be!!

  • Sally

    BEHATI!! Fresh, young, healthy and beautiful girl!!!!

  • Jess

    Behati all the way! Anne V has a good body but a manly face.

  • vaso

    i love her personal style shes funky and fresh and represents a HEALTHY looking model! vamos behati prinsloo.

  • mileyismylife