Comic-Con 2012: ‘666 Park’ Teases the New Series’ Creepy Storylines

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ABC’s devilish new supernatural series 666 Park Avenue made its debut at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday.

Usually when a new series comes to the fest, the audience is meeting the stars for the first time. But, not in this case. The cast is packed with faces TV viewers have come to know (and, yes, love) including Lost star Terry O’Quinn, Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty’s Vanessa Williams, Brothers & Sisters heartthrob Dave Annable and Charlie’s Angels actress Rachael Taylor.

O’Quinn (who had never come to Con with Lost – how did that happen?) and Williams arrived to the biggest cheers from the crowd.

The session kicked off with a screening of the series pilot. Note: Spoilers ahead.

It features Quinn and Williams as Gavin and Olivia, the owners of a landmark residential building in New York City whose occupants tend to be very accident-prone. New to the city couple Henry and Jane (Annable and Taylor) are thrilled when they land the building management job, though it doesn’t take long before Jane, an architecture expert, starts noticing that things are very strange in the building.

Joined by executive producers David Wilcox and Matthew Miller, the panel discussed the pilot and the possible storylines to follow.

What’s Gavin’s game? It becomes clear very early in the pilot that Gavin has a taste for testing how far his occupants will go to get what they want – even murder, perhaps? “He’s purely evil at this point,” O’Quinn says, though he admits that even he isn’t quite sure whether his character is the devil or just the pawn. “He would not slow down in the road for a baby carriage,” he goes on to joke.

Williams jokes, “I guess I’m Mrs. Evil.” In the pilot, it’s unclear how involved Olivia is with her husband’s plan. What is clear is that she is somewhat in cahoots and tries to seduce the new couple into wanting the same fabulous life she and Gavin lead.

And while it seems there’s no connection between the couples, it’s also revealed that Gavin seems to have targeted Henry and they intend to use Jane to get to him.

How close does the series adhere to Gabriella Pierce’s novel of the same name? Wilcox says he was encouraged to depart from the novel and he does so big time. “This will take on a life of its own,” he says. Later Taylor told us that she read the series and finds very little in common between them.

How will the series utilize the building’s tenants? The EPs say that the audience will meet tenants who will be on for an episode or recur over a few episode. In some cases, they’ll be “people in accelerated deals with ‘the devil.’” And the series will explore if everyone indeed has a price, asking the question, “how far would you go to achieve your dreams?”

What’s Jane’s function? It immerges from the pilot that Jane accompanies boyfriend Henry to the big city for his job. But, Taylor says the audience shouldn’t just write her off as a girl who follows her boyfriend’s career and doesn’t have her own goals. But since she doesn’t have a job, the architecture buff does have a lot of time to explore the building and get herself into trouble. “There’s a lot of me at 3 AM fixing a washing machine,” she says of her character’s opportunities to find herself in some creepy predicaments.

A birthday debut for O’Quinn. Not only is this the first Comic-Con that the actor has attended, but also Sunday is his birthday. So, the whole room sang “Happy Birthday” to him. And it was a special treat to hear Williams sing – for those of you who have been fans of her recording and Broadway career. She’s still got it!

666 Park Avenue premieres Saturdays this fall on ABC.

Are you looking forward to seeing where ABC takes the series? Tell us in the comments section below.

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