Comic-Con 2012: Jodie Foster Says Matt Damon ‘Never Even Talked to Me’ During ‘Elysium’ Shoot (VIDEO)

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Though Oscar winner Jodie Foster thought it was “totally fun” to work with Matt Damon on Elysium, she admits they both didn’t have much to chat about during the actual filming.

“We had one scene together and he never even talked to me,” Foster tells Celebuzz at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego.

So was Damon trying to snub her?

Not quite.

“He was gagged at the time,” Foster, 49, explains.

In the film, Foster plays Secretary Rhodes, a hard government official in the year 2159 who enforces the separation of two classes of people — the wealthy and the poor — on a ravaged planet Earth. Damon, 41, plays an ex-con named Max, who will try to to foil her plans.

Elysium is director and writer Neill Bloomkamp’s first film since the critically acclaimed District 9, a sci-fi drama based off of events in South Africa during the apartheid era.

“I though it was pretty much the perfect film,” Foster says of Bloomkamp’s full-length film debut, which won him an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay in 2010. “It blended social political commentary, entertainment, amazing acting, humor and action while blowing things up — and it was moving.”

“That’s what Neill brings to it,” she continues. “He’s interested in all of these things.”

Likewise, Damon says Elysium’s seamless blend of politics and action was what brought him to the project.

“First thing, it’s got to be good. It’s got to be entertaining,” explains Damon. “I don’t like movies that hit you over the head and try to tell you what to think.”

He then assures us that aside from the social commentary, fans will be treated to plenty of fights and explosions.

“[There’s] a ton of action,” he tells Celebuzz, “I’m in an exoseleton for half the movie just shooting at things.”

For more of our interview with the stars of Elysium, watch the video — above.