Comic-Con 2012: ‘Looper’ Star Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Playing Bruce Willis’ Younger Self: ‘I Didn’t Work Out at All’ (VIDEO)

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt admits he barely did anything physically to get into the role of Bruce Willis‘ younger self in his new sci-fi flick, Looper.

In the film, Gordon-Levitt, 31, plays an assassin who’s hired out to kill victims sent through a time machine, only to find that he’s latest target is actually his future self (played by 57-year-old Willis).

Celebuzz caught up with the actor — and his costar Emily Blunt — at San Diego’s Comic-Con where the star spilled on how he prepared for the part.

“I didn’t work out at all,” he told Celebuzz. “But I did just do a part where I worked out.”

How does Gordon-Levitt — who’s starred in action-thrillers like Inception and The Dark Knight Rises — bulk up for a role?

“Just classic meathead behavior: going to the gym everyday and eating a lot of chicken,” he said.

Curiously, his costar Blunt, 29, asked, “Do you do the eggs like Rocky?”

“Not raw,” Gordon-Levitt replied, smirking. “I did eat a lot of eggs but they were scrambled.”

The two stars were at Comic-Con — famous for embracing the comic book culture — to promote Looper, though they spilled that they’re really geeks of something else.

“I really geek out over music,” Blunt told us.

So has her husband — The Office‘s John Krasinski — taken her to any concerts yet?

“He has and it’s been a mess,” she said. “He does not do that anymore.”

As for Gordon-Levitt’s geeky obsession? Watch our interview with the star — above — to find out.

Looper hits theaters Sept. 28.

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