‘Nikita’s’ Maggie Q Teases ‘Mikita’ Deleted Scene, Challenges on Season 3: ‘It’s Gonna Suck’ (VIDEO)

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For fans of the title character and Michael’s (Shane West) love affair on The CW’s Nikita, Season 2’s ending couldn’t have been any better. But, star Maggie Q reveals it actually could have.

“We had an even stronger, sweeter scene at the end of the second season that got cut,” the series’ 33-year-old star reveals at San Diego Comic-Con.

“Oh, TV, 42 minutes,” she bemoans. DVD extra, perhaps?

So, what will change the couple’s romantic bliss on Season 3?

The couple, dubbed “Mikita” by adoring fans, goes into the next season solid and something unexpected and “cool” happens in the first episode back. Yet, it’s a whole new world on Season 3 when Nikita is co-leader of Division and the kick-ass Honolulu native says that the couple will face some bumps in the road from an old foe.

“It’s gonna suck. Nikita has a villain in this season that’s unlike any other villain that we’ve had,” she says. “Percy had an agenda. Percy’s agenda was always the No. 1 priority and Nikita was something that got in the way… There was no personal, ‘I hate Nikita.’”

“With Amanda, this is pure hatred, vengeance,” she continues. “She doesn’t have any other goal. Amanda wants to hurt Nikita. And hurting Nikita means, everybody knows, means hurting people around her. And that’s not good for Nikita and I don’t think she realizes what’s coming.”

Watch the interview above.

Nikita returns to The CW on Friday, Oct. 19 at 9 PM.

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