‘50 Shades of Grey’: ‘True Blood’s’ Alexander Skarsgard Pretty Clueless About Upcoming Film

Alex going 'Grey'?
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Wanted: 'Grey' Writer
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We know that Alexander Skarsgard fans are rushing to send E. L. James’ bestselling novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, to the True Blood star as we type.

A growing social media movement really wants to see the handsome Swedish actor in the on-screen role of the erotic novel’s title character, sexually adventurous entrepreneur Christian Grey.

But, the actor admitted during the True Blood panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday that he hasn’t read the book or received a script (which, by the way, hasn’t been written yet). So, clearly Focus Pictures and Universal haven’t approached the 35-year-old about the role.

But, does that mean it isn't on his radar?

“He’s just lived the life,” Skarsgard says when asked about the movement supporting his casting. “All I heard is he’s got a chamber in his basement.”

Of course, that similarity to his True Blood character who has a basement at his bar Fangtasia (where sex and torture have been known to occur over the past five seasons of the show) wasn’t lost on his castmate, Anna Paquin. She interjects, “You’ve got experience in that!”

Clearly, there’s still time to get Skarsgard up to speed. James recently tweeted that the production was nowhere close to finding the lead actors and the search for the screenplay’s writer and director is underway.

Other actors whose names have been floated for the big screen take on the novel based on Twilight fan fiction include Ian Somherhalder, Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum and Chace Crawford.

Do you think Skarsgard should play Christian? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  • sook

    Alex exudes Sex. .. And he knows how to act. Nevermind his looks that are most intense, but his eyes alone can pierce right thru you with great sex appeal. Have this guy play the role.

  • Joanna

    Yes! Skarsgard is Mr Grey!

  • Janeile

    I have read all the books too!!! If you think the books are a number one seller, cast Alexander as Christian Grey and see the movie sky rocket to the top. Alexander Skarsgard's eyes are the key to it. He has that dominant side to him that makes you want to hand him the silk grey tie and beg him to tie you up!!! I for one would LOVE to be Alexander's submissive!!!

  • jamie

    If u don't watch true blood u just don't understand ....

  • Veronica

    I read all the books... Alexander Skarsgard is perfect... He´s got the attitude and the look, absolutely... For me, there´s no Ian Somerhalder, or Fyan Goslin or Matt Boomer... Alexander Skarsgard IS Christian Grey!!!!

  • Debbie

    Alex only!

  • Laurajean Jones
    Laurajean Jones

    I think only Alexander Skarsgard is the perfect package for the role of Christian Grey. His acting range is perfect for all fifty shades of Christian. Alex is Handsome , Sexy , te right attidue for the part. He is just everything I can think f for this. They really do need to give to him.

  • Michelle

    YEsss!!! he could be totally a Christian GRey!!! he is perfect for the role!!!

  • Heather

    Yes!!! Alexander is the sultry equivalent to Christian Grey! If you disagree, then you have never observed him in action!! He is perfect...And the only face I envisioned while I read the books.

  • Heather

    Yes!!! Alexander is the sultry equivalent to Christian Grey! If you disagree, then you have never observed him in action!! He is perfect...And the only face I envisioned while I read the books.

  • Melanie

    no,not room stopping gorgeous. He has to make women drool... Jared Padelecki, he can make you drool.or Chris Hemsworth!

  • YR

    If you haven't watched True Blood then you don't know just how perfect Skarsgard is for this role! Eric Northman pretty much is Christian Grey (minus the fangs). He's so sexy and mysterious, please please please let him play the role!!

  • Kelly Harvey
    Kelly Harvey

    I wish to say sorry about the comment i made about alex`s teeth a friend just posted me a different pic than the one here and he has nice teeth,,still do`t see him in the part thought..Ian somerhalder if i only had the 2 to chose from..just read elsewhere that Tatum channing said he would only take the part if his wife played ana,,and yes i know Simon Baker is too old for this role ...more``s he pity..

  • Kit

    Alexander Skarsgard OR Ian Somerhalder and you've sold the film to me. Either one of them is just... Bloody perfect. Although I think I DO find myself tending just that BIT towards Alex... After having just read the book, I find myself picturing a man more closely resembling him...

  • what?

    What? simon Bakeris way too od.He's older thnex. Isn't the Caracter Christian supposdbe in his 20's I say neither. Anway, the book was really badly written. The movie is probably going to be another "Showgirls". Alex is too good for this movie.

  • andrea

    Skarsgard by all means !! He's got the brain to play it right and has no problem with nudity. I read the books and he is the perfect Christian Grey. Body & Soul ...

  • Kelly Marleau
    Kelly Marleau

    Yes it has to be Alex! He is perfect! <3

  • Kelly Harvey
    Kelly Harvey

    may i just say ..please don`t be angry fans of Alex..he looks like an ok guy..each to their own..

  • Kelly Harvey
    Kelly Harvey

    Sorry NO!!! grey is meant to be perfect, an adonis..this guy has a weird mouth and crooked teeth..grey has a smile that lights up a room..shame Simon Baker may be a little too old for ths role..he has the smile the floppy hair the green eyes..the BODY and has flashed it all in previous films..the character Simon played in the guardian 10 years ago is not dis- simular to Grey..closed. troubled, yet so sexy..

  • Janette Zimmerman
    Janette Zimmerman

    PLEASE STOP. Seriously, he is too good for this literary equivalent of a shart.

  • Ashley

    Yes Alexander skarsgard!!!

  • Rome