'50 Shades of Grey': Channing Tatum Will Only Star in Film If Wife Jenna Dewan Plays Love Interest

channing for christian?
Channign Tatum and Jenna Dewan at 'Magic Mike' premiere
Casting Christian
Who should play Christian Grey in '50 Shades of Grey'? Watch »

Channing Tatum doesn't want to get kinky with anyone else but his wife, Jenna Dewan.

In a recent Twitter interview with Glamour UK, the Magic Mike star says he's game to play Christian Grey, a wealthy businessman with a BDSM obsession, in the movie adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey -- but only if his real-life wife will play his love interest, Anastasia Steel.

"I'd only be allowed if my wife was Ana," he says of role. Anastasia is the series' protagonist, a young college student who enters into an kinky S&M relationship with Grey.

Tatum, 32, continues:

"She’s read the books so I don’t think she’d be impressed if she couldn’t be Ana!"

Dewan, 31, can rest a little easy for now as 50 Shades' author, E L James, recently announced the studio is nowhere close in securing actors for the lead roles.

“We are so far away from casting the Fifty films ... no-one ruled is out… no one is ruled in. Just so you know,” she tweeted.

James' message follows reports saying that the British author didn’t want Twilight stars and real-life couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to star in the film.

Who do you think will make a good Christian Grey? Who should be cast as Anastasia? Watch the videos below to get the scoop on who should be in the running, then get in on the conversation in the comments.

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  • Kara

    Matt Bomer and Emma Stone

  • TAH

    The 3 book series is very good. This should not be made as a movie; the books are long with details should be done by esp in a slow series. Showing Mr. Grey from young up to the end of the book. Just my and few 100+ opinions.

  • Kateliga

    No, sorry Tatum but not this movie! Henry Cavill or Charlie Hunnam will do great playing Christian Grey! :D

  • Ash

    Sexy smouldering Colin Farrell as Christian, he's gorgeous, hot and has a dirty boy quality. Maybe Amanda Siegfeld as Ana she has an innocence about her.

  • Amy

    I'm with alot of the people and it can't be Rob Pattinson he or kristen stewart.If they were not famous they would not get a second look! For me it has to be Chris Hemsworth!! He is drop dead gorgeous and built like a greek god just like Christian!!

  • Claire Wilkes
    Claire Wilkes

    Jared leto defo should play christian he is perfection

  • Guest


  • Guest

    The only one I can see in this role is Rob Pattinson. He would need to be a combination of Eric Packer and Edward Cullen. As I read the books I can absolutely visualize him as this damaged man needing love and feeling unworthy of it. I an see him needing control. Rob would be perfect in this part. If the author has ruled him out, which she now says she hasn't, she is a complete idiot.

  • Nancy

    I'm sure he saw the tailer/teaser for the fifty shades movie on fifty shades of grey fanclub?

  • Holly

    As much as I loving Channing, I don't think he'd make a good christian. I think Matt Bomer of Ian Somerhalder would make a good Christian Grey! :)

  • kimberly

    Colin Egglesfield!!! He would be the perfect Christian Grey.. He has it all... The eyes,mouth, hair, body,height... Colin Egglesfield is the package.. to play Christian Grey

  • Anne

    Hell to the NCho for the both of them, Channing is no Christian and his wife surely is no Ana far fetched from looking 21 turning 22.

  • Denise Knecht
    Denise Knecht

    Personally, I think Ian Somerhalder or Joe Manganiello(True Blood) should play the part of Christian Grey. It's definitley not a part for Channing Tatum. I can't see him playing this part at all and I am a fan of his.

  • Isabel Williams
    Isabel Williams

    I love the idea of Ian Somhalder, or Jessie Pavelka as Christian. PLEASE DO NOT CAST ROBERT PATTERSON.He is not sexy enough for Christian. Channing is not Christian! He is not that good of actor (I saw Magic Mike). I also like Missy Peregrym as Ana. She is beautiful in a soft, simple way.She doesn't need a lot of makeup to be beautiful, just like Ana.NOT KRISTEN STEWART.She is NOT expressive enough. Kathy Baker as Grace,Ashely Willliams as Mia, Blake Lively as Kate,Treat Williams as Carriack, Christopher Gorham as Ethan or Elliot, and Michelle Pfeifer as Mrs.Robison.

  • Angela Williams
    Angela Williams

    She is not good for the role of Anna. Anna is suppose to be very innocent...she also doesn't need an excavator to remove the makeup from her face unlike this actress. If Channing can't handle doing certain roles then perhaps he should change careers because his wife can't always play opposite of him.

  • Pam Lin
    Pam Lin

    no no no no no! channing tattum is sooo not christian grey!