‘Breaking Bad’ Star Aaron Paul Spills Series Secrets: Bryan Cranston Didn’t Want to Audition With Me

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It’s hard to believe that lunch was what really brought two Emmy winners together.

In a recent interview with GQ, Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul reveals that costar Bryan Cranston initially didn’t want to audition with him when the series was first in its development phase.

“I thought I was going to read with him, but I guess he just didn’t want to read with me,” Paul says of Cranston, who had already been cast as chemistry teacher turned drug supplier Walter White. “So we all ate lunch together instead, and just really hit it off.”

How did he finally land the part of Walter’s meth-cooking sidekick, Jesse Pinkman?

“During shooting—the first scene, there was just something special there, something magical. It was all good on the page, but I think once they saw it brought to life by us, they just were like, ‘Huh. That’s interesting. We should roll with it.'”

“They loved the whole butting-head element, the odd-couple tug-of-war relationship that we had, and they wanted to keep going,” he adds.

That tension and chemistry earned Cranston three consecutive Emmys for his role, while Paul nabbed his first in statuette in 2010.

“Working with Bryan, he’s just—he’s on such a different level than me,” Paul says.

As for his character’s fate on the show, Paul is keeping mum until the series’ end.

“We’re only given one script at a time,” he says. “I’m always dying to read the next episode,” he adds. “And I go to set even when I’m off, just to see the thing played out.”

Read more of Paul’s candid interview in the latest issue of GQ.

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