From Adele to Anna Paquin: Celebs Who Try to Hide Their Baby Bumps (PHOTOS)

She's kept it hidden for nearly seven months, but Adele isn't the only celeb who's tried to hide her baby bump.

Many stars keep their bellies under wraps (sometimes literally) for the sake of their privacy -- while others hide their pregnancy for the sake of their career.

Pregnant Anna Paquin falls into the latter.

The True Blood star has been forced to conceal her growing belly as her character on the HBO vampire drama, Sookie Stackhouse, is not with child.

"I know that her stunt double has had more work than needed before,"costar Todd Lowe told Celebuzz. "I know that and they’re pretty creative with staging and costuming."

Some celebs play coy with the press, like Jessica Simpson.  The new mom was reported to be pregnant by nearly every media outlet before she confirmed the news -- but only by posting a pic on her website in October in a mummy costume holding her belly, saying she was going to "be a mummy."

As for Adele, she was daft at hiding any signs of showing by limiting public appearances, dodging press lines and wearing loose clothing. Clever girl.

What other celebs have had to hide their bump? Click through the gallery to find out.

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  • itsmaan

    what a fantastic pic really you looking so beautiful

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    articles like this one ar stupid the unborn children didn't ask to beborn of famous parents particularly one like Anna Paquin who won an oscar at age 11 the youngest winner ever is Tatum O'Neal who won at 10 April 2nd 1974 though had history been different it would've been Nell Newman who waltzed away with that oscar and become the first daughter to win an oscar on the sme night her mother was nominated for a dfferent film and in Nell's case her mother had won in 1958 the youngest person to be nominated for an Oscar was Justin Henry ag 8 in 1980 for the movie Kamer Vs Kramer & the youngest person to be nominated for the best cress oscar was Keisha Castle Hughes for Whale Rider at age 13 in 2004. these women are consenting Adults and don't owe the public to devulge every detail of their private life