‘Glee’s’ Incoming Seniors Explain How They’ll ‘Step Up’ on Season 4

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As the seniors made their tearful goodbye on last season’s finale of Fox’s Glee, we were left to wonder the fate of New Directions as it lost its most outspoken member, Rachel Berry (Lea Michele).

With only Blaine (Darren Criss), Artie (Kevin McHale), and Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) left to face the fall semester with new members and challenges… Who will lead and who will break under the pressure?

“There are going to be people asked to step up in a way they haven’t before, and there will be challenges for the characters,” executive producer and writer Brad Falchuk described as the new season begins with a very small glee club. “They can complain a lot about not getting the solos but now that they have to actually pull it off? It’s a different light, and definitely a lot of challenges.”

Criss, Ushkowitz and McHale were on hand at this year’s annual San Diego Comic-Con where they revealed what to expect from the seniors’ new season.

“There will always have to be 12 members of the glee club in order for it to be a glee club.” Criss explained. “So there will be new characters, presumably, I’d imagine we will be getting kids from whoever is in The Glee Project… that would be a new character. It’s definitely exciting; it’s a totally new show now.”

McHale and Ushkowitz speculated on the fate of their characters as well. “We think the seniors this year are going to step up, obviously, but they have to come into their own. Because the seniors last year found out who they were and what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives,” McHale noted about Artie’s role in the new season.

“I think you will find that not only with Artie, but Tina and Blaine,” continued. “It will be interesting because now they can’t depend on Rachel and Finn.”

This also leaves Tina as a soloist for New Directions, which will be more than a challenge. “It’s a lot for her, because she’s never had to do that. She’s been sort of hanging out in the background, almost able to slide by.”

When asked about how Tina will be able to handle the strain, she said, “I think there’s going to be a lot of pressure. It’s very possible she could just snap and go crazy. I think Tina’s starting to believe in herself, and that might help. People are starting to look up to her, and asking for advice.”

As far as the music goes for the kids in McKinley High, Ushkowitz and McHale were able to chime in at the idea of a 90s themed episode. McHale commented first, “We’ve been trying to have a 90s theme episode since the first season.”

With a smile, Ushkowitz added, “Because we all like the boy bands and the Spice Girls. We kind of want all that to come back now.”

So while the glee club may not actually look the same in the new season, it definitely it will retain its heart.

Connie Allen

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