Kendall Jenner Bikinis with Mason Disick During Family Beach Day (PHOTOS)

Kendall Jenner is taking on babysitting duties as sister Kourtney Kardashian is resting after giving birth to her new baby girl.

This weekend, the 16-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was spotted taking her nephew, Mason Disick, out for a family beach day in Malibu, Calif. Sporting a blue bikini, Jenner has a blast splashing in the water and tossing around a football with the adorable two-year-old.

It certainly has been a busy week for the Kardashians.

Aside from Kourtney, 33, welcoming her second child -- Penelope Scotland Disick -- last Sunday, Kim, 31, and Khloe, 28, opened a new DASH boutique in West Hollywood, Calif. this week.

Though the family is keeping busy with new projects, they've all been pitching in to help babysit little Mason while Kourtney takes care of her newborn baby at home.

Earlier in the week, Khloe took the cute tot out for a frozen sweet treat in Calabasas, Calif. She wrote about their little snack on her blog:

Spent the afternoon with Masey yesterday and took him to one of our favorite frozen yogurt spots. He’s so freaking cute it’s unreal!
Check out more adorable moments from little Mason on his beach day in the gallery, above.

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  • Treasa Justice
    Treasa Justice

    Mason is way to cute and tough running, that football....great pics!!

  • Treasa Justice
    Treasa Justice

    OMG! I freakin love it....just awesome epic

  • Julie

    omg,stop it! She looks gorgeous. You are just jealous!

  • Christine

    This girl needs a meal...or two

  • Clayton Johnson
    Clayton Johnson

    Gold digging slut bag.

  • tereza vitoria ruski
    tereza vitoria ruski

    this girl need's one pound more...only one!!! no photoshop!

  • Linda

    Yeah, she could use a few burgers but I wish I had an awkward phase like this. When she's done maturing she will be even more amazing.

  • Kelsy

    I love the kardashians so i'm not saying this to be rude, and i hope its just hows she standing, but i think she looks a bit to skinny here. Like sickly skinny. Hope its just the camera

  • Samantha Kiwi-Day
    Samantha Kiwi-Day

    yeahhhhh. thats pretty gross.

  • Mimoza Nanova Nanova
    Mimoza Nanova Nanova

    OmG soo skiny

  • Sami

    She looks anorexic :/

  • Lindsey

    Mason is the cutest!

  • Dee Colonna
    Dee Colonna

    Aww too cute

  • Kaila Kim
    Kaila Kim

    Kendall, Cute and Cuter all the Time!!!! Love your bikini!!!

  • Nammy

    so cute<3

  • Francesca

    He already leadin to Football skills...

  • Larry Fyne
    Larry Fyne

    Looks like skeleton with skin stretched over it. Not appealing & certainly not sexy. Can you imagine what that Mason kid will be like when he grows up?

  • Jessica

    Beautiful Girl

  • bev1314

    i hope this is just a bad angle