Bill and Giuliana Rancic Plan a ‘Babymoon’ in Colorado

Rancic Ready for Baby!
The couple reveal where they'll raise their baby.
Bill and Giuliana Rancic don’t want to miss the birth of their first son, who’s due via surrogate in Denver in six weeks, so they’ll be planted in Colorado just in case he comes early.

The birth of the pair’s child comes after Giuliana’s breast cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy in late 2011. Their Denver-based fertility doctor suggested surrogacy — and the pair announced in April that they were expecting their first child via a gestational carrier.

But finding a surrogate wasn’t easy.

“For anyone who’s thought about surrogacy, it is scary,” Giuliana told PEOPLE. “It’s like having a babysitter 24 hours a day for nine months.”

In April, Giuliana and Bill revealed on TODAY that their baby’s carrier is a French former au pair in her mid 30s; she lives in Denver and is married with two children. The couple kept mum about everything else, adding that they want to keep some things private.

Although their son isn’t born yet, he’s already made a huge impact.

“That kid is going to be one very special kid, because not only did he save your life,” Bill said to his wife, “but as a result of this whole process – had we never gone through IVF, we would never have found out [about Giulana’s cancer].”

Bill added: “You going public [with the news], this little guy that we’re going to have has probably saved hundreds of women’s lives, because he will have motivated them to go out and get checked and be proactive.”

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