Comic-Con 2012: How Bryan Cranston Got Pink Eye Filming 'Total Recall' With Colin Farrell (VIDEO)

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Bryan Cranston is one tough actor.

The Total Recall star told reporters at Comic-Con in San Diego over the weekend that an on-set mishap left him with a double case of pink eye.

It all started when a  fight scene with Colin Farrell went wrong...

"True story. [Colin and I] were fighting in this pool of water;  it was probably eight inches deep...Over the course of hours, warm water turns into a petri dish," Cranston, 56, said of filming Total Recall. "We are fighting each other and rolling around -- I got pink eye in both eyes."

"It feels like sand paper in both your eyes," he continued. "I looked like a bunny rabbit-- it was bright pink. The great Canadian health care system...No lines, bang bang bang-- it was easy."

Although Farrell's eyes were unscathed, Cranston -- best known for Breaking Bad -- held no grudge.

"He's a great guy," Cranston said of the 36-year-old actor. "We had a terrific time. We fought each other a lot, and I looked at him like this rebellious teenager I had to bring in line. A lovable son who was acting out."

Celebuzz also talked to Farrell, who dished about working with a tough Jessica Biel and kissing Kate Beckinsale. Watch below:

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