‘Dark Knight Rises’ Premiere: Anne Hathaway Catwalks Down Red Carpet in White Hot Fashion (PHOTOS)

'Dark Knight Rises' Stills
Scenes from 'The Dark Knight Rises'.
Trading in her black catsuit for a white floor-length gown, Anne Hathaway stunned as she walked the red carpet at The Dark Knight Rises’ New York City premiere this Monday.

The highly anticipated movie is the last of director Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, with Hathaway playing the comic book series’ famous Catwoman character.

So what are the critics saying about her performance?

Recent reviews of The Dark Knight Rises have given Hathaway the nod of approval.

“Anne Hathaway plays one of the more alluring Catwomen since Julie Newmar, creating an incredibly complex character that straddles the line of good and bad enough that you never know whose side she’s on,” says Edward Douglas of ComingSoon. “Hathaway sometimes takes on a similarly affected way of delivering lines as Bale’s Batman when in costume, but neither of the ‘villains’ ever can quite live up to what the late Heath Ledger brought to the Joker.”

The film also stars Christian Bale as Batman and Tom Hardy the Caped Crusader’s rival, Bane.

Peep the video below for more details on the summer flick.

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