James Franco Almost Snagged 'That 70′s Show' Part: 'I Think Ashton Kutcher Was at My Audition'

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Actress Mila Kunis sat down for an Interview magazine chat with her Oz: The Great and Powerful leading man, James Franco, only to learn that they were almost costars at the beginning of their careers.

The two touched on several topics, one of which included the actors' surprisingly similar auditioning pasts. “I actually auditioned for That ‘70s Show," Franco revealed. "I think Ashton [Kutcher] was at my audition. I was in a stairwell with a bunch of dudes. [Kunis laughs] Obviously I didn't get it.”

Kutcher ended up landing the part and starring alongside his now girlfriend Kunis in the hit FOX show. The two played on-again, off-again lovers Jackie and Kelso.

What similar role didn't Franco get a call-back?

“Let me just say, too, that the same year you guys made the pilot for That '70s Show, I did a pilot for a show called 1973, which was meant to rival That '70s Show.”

The show did not make it past the pilot, however, Franco’s ‘70s auditions did not end there. The next year he was cast in the 1973 show, Freaks and Geeks, which only lasted one season.

“Yeah. Allison Jones, the casting director who did the 1973 show, put me on Freaks and Geeks.”
When asked what Kunis would feel if she had to watch the first season of the show, she admitted, "Oh, I would f***ing cringe."

Franco isn't the only one to miss out on a role. Click the pics to see other stars who auditioned for famous parts.

What do you think? Would Franco have been a good fit for That '70s Show? Let us know, below.

Also, check out the Oz: The Great and Powerful trailer, starring Kunis and Franco, below:

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  • Akinmolayan

    I would never say I had a favourite Mandy but I cetiranly like one more than the other on certain days. One might be just having an off day and the other is a little easier to deal with or just more affectionate, or visa versa. I thought of that very thing when we went through the floods. I imagined myself trying to save my 2 kids. I couldn't save one and not the other. I'd do everything in my power to save their lives, while giving mine up. It's a heart wrenching thing to think about.Those photos of your kids are just adorable.Anne xx

  • Fawks

    Personally I have to admit that as Kelso: Kutcher was absolutely perfect. I doubt Franco could have pulled off the childishness and stupidity of Kelso, especially not as spot on as Kutcher. To summarise: Kutcher ftw