Jennifer Aniston Gets Winded Promoting Ellen DeGeneres’ 10th Season (VIDEO)

Hotter After Heartbreak?
Looking good is the best revenge.
Jen Engaged?
Two rings? A possible engagement.
What better way to get the word out about your decade on-air then to call on one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses?

Ellen DeGeneres did just that by having pal Jennifer Aniston appear in her new promos for her talk show’s upcoming 10th season debuting on Sept. 10.

What do they prove most about Aniston?

She’s a good sport for one and it takes a lot to make her look less fabulous. But, the talk show host means well – she just goes a bit (or a lot) overboard.

In one of the promos above, DeGeneres wants to make sure the Friends alum is totally made up for the shoot. And in the video below, the talk show host tries to give her that “breeze blowing through her hair” Hollywood effect by turning a fan on the 43-year-old star. And in a yet a third, DeGeneres wants to make sure Aniston’s best side is captured on-camera. Does she have a bad side?

Other celebs who have taken part in the campaign include President Barack Obama, Justin Timberlake, Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber.

Watch the videos above and below. And tell us if you’ll be tuning in to the upcoming season The Ellen Show.