Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Enjoy Date Night in Australia Amid Drama-Filled Tour Down Under

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Breakup? What breakup?

Mega star Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez have proven that not only are they still dating but they're stronger than ever, with the Disney starlet flying halfway around the world to be with her famous boyfriend.

The 18-year-old singer has had a drama-filled few days since touching down in Australia, having to deal with everything from imposters to stage invaders and even an injured ankle.

Luckily, the Biebs had his 19-year-old girlfriend to help him relax, with the pair sneaking in date nights despite rumors that they had split.

What exactly have the two been up to?

The teens flew into Melbourne, VIC on Sunday ahead of Bieber’s performance on local reality show Australia’s Got Talent.

Bieber performed a six-minute medley in front of a live audience for the show’s finale. He had a rough time on stage, however, spraining his ankle and then almost being toppled by an overzealous fan.

Despite beefed-up security, Amilia Radevska, 14, made a mad dash onto the stage and had to be tackled by one of the show’s judges, former Westlife singer, Brain McFadden, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Screaming, "Stop it, Brian," the teen was dragged off stage before she reached Bieber.

"I was looking around and saw a crack in security and thought 'Now or never,'" Radevska said. "He told me he loved me and it was all okay before I was dragged away."

Fans were also in full force at the Biebs’ hotel after his location was leaked on Twitter. Thousands waited outside the Olsen in Melbourne hoping to get a glimpse of the singer.

Bieber stepped out to sign a few autographs, but one cheeky hotel guest who resembled the pop star sent fans into a frenzy by waving at them from a window. The man’s friends filmed the pandemonium and posted it on YouTube.

Putting the drama behind him, Bieber and Gomez managed to enjoy a few dates, including a private tour of Melbourne Aquarium after closing hours on Sunday night.

And the pair also got cozy at a bar, the Barkly, where Bieber ordered a beer -- the teenager is legally able to drink in Australia.

The loved-up couple flew into Sydney late last night, Australian time.

Bieber’s promotional tour Down Under comes as the Canadian singer reached 25 million Twitter followers.

Do you think Justin and Selena are the real thing, or is it just puppy love? Have your say in the comments below.

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  • Bitch

    why would you date justin bieber his balls havent dropped yet lol

  • joannne

    A strand of justin beiber,s hair will be auctioned off at omega auctions in september this year so girls if you want a part of justin beiber, go to london in september on the 8th when the auction will be auctioning off the hair and you wont be disappointed ,justin has a photo of himself with the hair inside and has personally authoirzed it himself

  • joannne

    A strand of justin beiber,s hair will be auctioned off at omega auctions in september this year

  • Ernesto Moreno
    Ernesto Moreno

    And to a degree, I wish they would break up, so that we would see if the massive hate she gets is Satan infested or just brainless, childish crap (you see, the hate is actually Racism and Bigotry, else SOME of those fans wouldve been just as happy to know Selena was there too).

  • Ernesto Moreno
    Ernesto Moreno

    I believe is just a crush, yes, puppy love. I wish the best for them both, and Selena first and foremost, but they are young and their lives move fast.

  • Aneles Zemog
    Aneles Zemog

    dumbest question of all time and I've read hollywood-life questions