Lady Gaga Poses Nude in Sexy New 'Fame' Perfume Ad (PHOTO)


Lady Gaga is letting is all hang out for the sake of her new perfume.

In the debut ad for her first fragrance, Fame, the 26-year-old dons a black facial mask, as tiny  little men cover strategic areas of her totally nude body.

Sharing the photo with her over 27 million Twitter followers, Mother Monster admitted to being a "bit nervous" for the release of the ad.

Aside from the body baring ad, what else is unique about this particular fragrance?

According to the "Paprazzi" singer, it's the first ever black eau de parfum.

Pre-perfume release, Gaga said:

This certainly wouldn't be the first time Gaga has shown this much skin.

Just last week, Gaga was seen arriving at LAX wearing a bra, dark denim jacket and tights, but not much else.

What do you think of her ad? Too much? Sound off in the comments section.

For yet another scantily-clad Lady Gaga ensemble, watch below.

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  • enough

    I don't get the madonna/gaga comparison. They are both totally different. I think Madonna and her fans just gets jealous when talented female artist start getting more attention than her. But, their really shouldn't be any comparison because they are nothing alike. She did the same thing to britney and christina. She's always jealous and needs to get a life. I was alive during her era and madonna was known for having a new lover everyday, that's how she made the gossip news. Lady Gaga is quite private about her love life and is all about her art. Madonna can't keep her legs closed, which is fine, just don't compare yourself to gaga because you're nothing alike. Cyndi Lauper was a better artist than Madonna

  • Little Monster
    Little Monster

    flash* and p.s Steals again? gorl pls.

  • Little Monster
    Little Monster

    looool, since when does that dried up old prune had a perfume? who'd want to buy it, it would sucks, cos she sucks. Madonna had to purposely flahs her tit so people would talk about her and she'd get lots of publicity. GaGa is her own person, she is different to Madonna, so they maybe wear similar clothes and stuff but she is still her own person. GaGa beats that b*tch fair and square.

  • spending

    your an idiot, it just covers her eyes so you still can still see her BEAUTIFUL* face, thank-you :) LOOL wtf Mitt/all your other alter-egos, you cant deny her body is sexy as ;)

  • MadonnaTheQueen

    GAGA STEALS AGAIN! Madonna in her "Truth or Dare" Perfum commercial wears the mask, color of the font is almost identical and B&W photos! lady who thiefs everything

  • Madison Chua
    Madison Chua

    Truly amazing campaign. Truly original and wicked. The little minx has such a hot pumping body, so why not make use of it. Artistic and risqué at the same time. I applaud her!

  • anonymous

    The mask is important because it hides her ugly face.

  • spending