'The Bachelor' Frontrunners Roberto Martinez and Sean Lowe: Who's Your Top Pick for the New Season? (POLL)

The Next Bachelor? Who's your pick?
Ali Talks Roberto Split
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Current ABC Bachelorette Emily Maynard broke contestant Sean Lowe's heart when she sent him home on the show's July 9 episode, but is he in the running to be the next Bachelor?

During a conference call, the 28-year-old insurance agent commented on rumors that he might be in talks to join ABC's hit reality dating show, according to UsWeekly.

"I don't want to sound like I'm selling myself, but I think that people have come to understand that I'm genuine, I'm loving and ultimately I want to find love," said Lowe. "Emily really showed me what I want out of life. Hopefully I do find that love that will ultimately last forever, and hopefully that comes around sooner rather than later."

However, there have been a number of reports claiming that Roberto Martinez, who found love with Ali Fedotowsky on The Bachelorette's sixth season, is being seriously considered as well.

Show host Chris Harrison provided Celebuzz with some insight on the upcoming season. What were his thoughts?

When asked about the rumors of Martinez joining the show, Harrison told Celebuzz, "He'd be a great Bachelor. He's a friend of mine, so I think he's a great guy."

"Obviously, women think he's handsome. He's got charisma and charm, and all that," said Harrison. "He's definitely on the radar, but the rumors that it's a done deal or that he's our guy are definitely overblown. He's not. But I'm guessing he's on the list."

Though both men are certainly great candidates, who would YOU like to see be the next Bachelor? Let your voice be heard by voting in the poll.

Watch more of Celebuzz's interview with Harrison -- who reveals some Bachelor Pad Season 3 secrets.

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  • Ashley

    I would pick Sean only because of the fact that out of all the guys in the show last season, he was the only one on the first night throwing around the words "i'm in love," I already love", like he wanted to get to know her, not jump the gun and say oh yes, i love yep yep, like he took it seriously.

  • Ashley

    I could not agree MORE!



  • Deb Kalin
    Deb Kalin

    Sean is the better pick. Come on ABC do the right thing and please pick Sean. I don't understand ABC you had your eye on Sean after the MTA. What's the deal? Please make Sean our new Bachelor or I will never watch the show again. If you are looking for the perfect guy here he is "SEAN LOWE"!!!! Please make your decision and soon. Thank you.

  • Yolanda Hamel
    Yolanda Hamel

    Well said Revo I could not have said it better. Sean is no better than Roberto in my opinion. It would finally be nice to see a little diversity on the show bring in other cultures to the show. I see Roberto having great ratings because he is known and so what liked. By the way did I say how handsome he is. Roberto all the way!!!!

  • revo

    Roberto and Sean do the exact same thing! They are insurance agents. They both make the same kind of money. Except now Roberto has 500k more after signing with the bachelor (reality Steve confirms). Both Roberto and Sean are similar in many ways. I don't see how Sean offer's someone anything more than Roberto.

  • SL

    Please pick Sean.... He is much more of a man then Roberto. I didn't like Roberto for Ali and am sad she picked him. But she is super cute and sweet, I'm sure she will find the perfect guy. We need to put her back on as the bachelorette again.....now wouldn't that be something.

  • Sb

    Sean would capture the hearts of all, It would be the best Bachelor yet. Roberto is old news and frankly don't see the attraction there. Pick Sean.

  • Lisa

    NOT ROBERTO!! He is short, broke and boring. What does he really have to offer anyone else? Sean is sexy, genuine, sexy, funny, sexy, handsome, sexy and - did I mention sexy? :)

  • Elle booth
    Elle booth

    Roberto is old news , Sean would be a perfect bachelor, all of America would be cheering him on to find love !

  • Me

    Roberto has alrady been to the castle at Disney..... so let someone else have a chance and ride all the rides. Plus Sean seems just a little more genuine!

  • Allie

    Pleasee pick Seannn

  • Yolanda

    I am a big time Roberto supporter. I just read an article that said Justin Bieber's mom tweeted she does not want for Roberto to become the next Bachelor because she wants him for herself. She has good taste thats all I have to say. Whatever happens I think alot of good things will go his way. He is just so well liked by alot of people. Will always wish Roberto the best.