‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Kalon McMahon ‘Bitter’ About Show, Bad Boy Portrayal (EXCLUSIVE)

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Kalon finds love on 'Bachelor Pad 3.'
'Bachelorette' Sham?
Contestant claims Emily Maynard isn't looking for love.
Earlier this season, Bachelorette Emily Maynard was ready to go “West Virginia hood rat backwoods” on Kalon McMahon after he called her six-year-old daughter Ricki “baggage.” But the infamous “bad boy” claims he was inaccurately portrayed on the show — and is ready to set the record straight.

“I thought it was rather entertaining because never in my life have I been called a bad boy or a villain,” he told Celebuzz. “I understand they have a television show to make, and unfortunately the rest of the season was rather dull, so they had to run with me being a bad boy, apparently.”

“I’ve been called many things, but certainly not a bad boy. Most of the people who know me think it’s comical that I’m portrayed that way,” he said.

Does he have any regrets about what he said on the show?

“I was a little bitter after The Bachelorette. I didn’t get anything out of it,” he said. “I gave up six weeks of my life and nothing was reciprocated.”

“Going into this show, you prepare for the worst, and even whatever you prepare yourself for, it is nothing like that. You have no control over what’s going on. But it’s a rare opportunity and an adventure, so I have no regrets,” he said.

It also brought new opportunities: McMahon landed a spot on the upcoming season of The Bachelor Pad 3.

“I’m so glad I did [Bachelor Pad.] It was like night and day from Bachelorette. I had the most amazing time doing it, and I’m ready for fans to see me in a new light,” he said.

In addition to making the show, McMahon is assisting Citizens For Animal Protection, a private, non-profit organization that provides shelter, adoption, foster care, rescue and other valuable services to animals in need in the Houston area. (Hardly sounds like the bad boy we’ve all seen on TV, right?) He’ll even be auctioning off a date for himself in Houston, with all the proceeds going to the animal org.

Up next, McMahon will be starring in Bachelor Pad: 3, which premieres July 23 on ABC.

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