Brooke Burke Admits to Sexless Honeymoon With Hubby David Charvet on ‘Bethenny’ (VIDEO)

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Beautiful people do the darndest things. Dancing With the Stars host and creative director of intiMINT, a lingerie, loungewear and sleepwear collection, Brooke Burke, appears on Wednesday’s episode of the Bethenny show. And she made a confession that may be hard for some to believe.

What marital secret did she confess to Frankel?

Apparently, the 40-year-old beauty has come to like sleep-cations – vacations that allow you get some shut-eye.

“It sounds really boring, but it’s so important when you’re a busy mom,” the mother of four tells host Bethenny Frankel, who thought it was a fabulous idea.

Then, she made an awkward confession. “It’s kind of a joke. When we got married, it was just us and the kids,” Burke, who’s married to actor David Charvet, says. “The kids were there. We had no money. No honeymoon. When we did our honeymoon, which was a local stay-cation, it ended up being a sleep trip.”

“We were both so tired. It was hardly romantic,” she continues. “He’ll kill me for admitting it. But, we ended up going away, staying in a hotel, ordering room service and just sleeping. Literally, just sleeping… we were so exhausted, you know?”

Burke recently spoke to Celebuzz about her busy schedule and she told us that balancing everything is easier when you love what you do.

“The kids always keep me busy,” she said. “I love what I do on Dancing With the Stars. I truly enjoy my job so much. I’m blessed to be able to go and work in the ballroom. I’m always busy, [but] I’m good and I’m happy.”

Watch Burke on Bethenny above.

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