Courtney Love Fires Back at Litigious Ex-Assistant: You Breached Confidentiality Agreement (EXCLUSIVE)

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Courtney Love has found herself wrapped up in legal woes after her former assistant filed a wrongful termination, nonpayment of wages and breach of contract lawsuit last week. But the tables may soon be turned.

Not only has Love's camp disputed Jessica Labrie's claims as "completely unfounded," but it now asserts that the former employee could find herself in hot water for the suit.

What did Labrie do wrong?

"Miss Labrie signed a very solid confidentiality agreement," the former Hole frontwoman's rep, Steve Honig, exclusively tells Celebuzz. "If she has decided to breach that agreement by releasing privileged information covered within that agreement, she could find herself in serious legal jeopardy."

The statement comes after Celebuzz exclusively uncovered recordings of Love admitting that she owed more than $100,00 to debtors, including a lawyer and a landlord.

In a series of voice messages left for Labrie, the "Pretty on the Inside" artist — the widow of iconic Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain — said she was in deep debt and could not shell out the woman’s wages.

“What am I supposed to do? Not eat? Live on the streets?” Love bemoaned.

Between the leaked Love tapes and Labrie's confidentiality contract, the conflict seems to be heating up to a contentious court battle.

Who do you think is at fault — Love or Labrie? State your case in comments.

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  • Wilamena Smith
    Wilamena Smith

    Sam Lutfi is the reason this girl was fired. Along with all the rest of her staff. Sam removed anyone around CL. Including fans and longtime supporters. He is mean and destructive. He has a crony working for him and Love also named Richard Nieto also know by his own acclaim as "Famous Richard". I truly hope this lawsuit brings light to this fact so her friends, fans and daughter can be let back into her life and artistry.