Kate Upton Responds to Fat Remarks: Her Comments 'Taken Out of Context,' Says Rep

Kate's Sexiest Bikini Looks!
Kate Upton's Sexiest Bikini Looks

Is Kate Upton fighting back?

After an online blog attacked the Swimsuit Illustrated model -- calling her fat, among other remarks -- The Sun reported Tuesday that the 20-year-old retaliated, saying, “I’m not going to starve just to be thin -- I want to enjoy life, and I can’t if I’m not eating and miserable.”

However, reps for Upton tell Celebuzz that Upton hasn't exactly blasted back...

"The comments were taken completely out of context," her reps tell us.

The quotes are from her UK Sunday Times Style interview, but not in response to the blogger's site

Sources close to Upton tell us the model, who's on the July cover of GQ and just took part in an editorial spread for Vogue, isn't paying attention to the blog that called her "lardy" in the first place.

Who said hot girls can't be funny? Watch Kate talk with Jimmy Fallon below:

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  • catwomen

    I would like to see what's under all that clothing

  • catwomen

    Batman I would love to marry Kate upton

  • Rob

    Yes i'd marry u....;)

  • Abel Adan
    Abel Adan

    You are simply beautiful

  • da_d00rs

    shut ya trap b00 xx

  • da_d00rs

    LOL you need your eyes checked bro, because Kate Upton is seriously the SEXIEST WOMAN ALIVE!!

  • Iris

    She was definitely a little heavier here, but she looks better now.

  • Rhea

    How is she a "real woman" over anybody else???! If somebody is overweight, are they not a real woman? If somebody is skinny, are they not a real woman? If somebody is fit (which typically means will live a healthier and longer life, taking care of themselves) are they also not a real woman? Shaking my head..

  • Gevorg Margaryan
    Gevorg Margaryan

    She's not hot!!

  • Dee

    She has an average body. Average as in if you ate decently healthy and exercised a little bit. Not average as in USA is averagly obese. Also curvy is a SHAPE not a SIZE! You can be underweight or overweight and have curves. It's the shape of your body and has nothing to do with how big your belly is.

  • maltratos a mujeres
    maltratos a mujeres

    hola acabo de enterarme de tu website y la verdad es que me parece genial no sabia de mas personas interesadas en estos temas, aqui tienes un nuevo lector que seguira visitandote mensualmente.

  • mileyismylife


  • abby

    Although I don't agree with posing naked (I think it exploits women) I love her for being a real woman with curves

  • abby

    That's hardly a bikini top, it just covers her nipples!

  • Actress Karita Fleming
    Actress Karita Fleming

    This IS a HEALTHY WOMAN. For christ sakes look at her stomach . This girl is gorgeousness and she is slim with big boobs meaning she is actually curvy and not a fat chick who says they are curvy.I wont lie as a mixed woman I prefer models of color and defiantly not blonds but she is a Stunner .

  • Bob

    Kate, I am sick and tired of looking at the "twiggy type" bony models. You are the PERFECT WOMAN!

  • guest

    also, the idea that hypothyroidism could even possibly be responsible for her being at that weight is totally hilarious...hypothyroidism is a disease. if it made you look like kate upton, people would want it.

  • guest

    "average" and "has a bit more fat on her body than the average model" are *hardly* the same thing.

  • Jasmine

    Maybe she can lose a few pounds if she wanted to, but it doesn't matter cuz she still has a really nice body

  • jbd59

    what in the hell are you babbling about Alexis?

  • jbd59

    wish i were with her. she's perfect.

  • Rea

    Oh it is not, quit getting your panties in a bunch. She isn't thin. Shes average and has a bit more fat on her body then the average model. The fact of the matter is if she was a healthy eater and exercised she would look smaller then that unless she has some sort of thyroid issue.

  • FeeltheBTrush

    Who the hell would think that she's fat? This is why 13 year old girls are starving themselves so they don't look "fat" like she does. This society is disgusting.