‘L.A. Complex’: 8 Things to Know Before Watching Season 2 (VIDEO)

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The second season of CW’s night time soap The L.A. Complex returns on Tuesday July 17, but there’s a few things viewers need to know before tuning in.

Originally beginning its run in Canada, the show centers on a circle of young adults living in Hollywood who want to make it big in showbiz. All residing in the same apartment complex, which they nickname “The Lux,” The L.A. Complex features aspiring singers, actors, and even a 20-something fella who enters into a secret relationship with a popular male rapper.

However, the drama that goes down at The Lux, doesn’t always stay there. What do you need to know before venturing in to Season 2?

Here are eight important things that went down on Season 1.

1. Even though struggling aspiring actress/musician Abby (Cassie Steele) started off her time at the Lux crashing with wannabe stand-up comedian Nick (Joe Dinicol), Abby hooked up with Australian TV actor Connor (Jonathan Patrick Moore) her first night there. And she had a boyfriend at the time — oops!

2. Nick was starting to get over Abby when he hooked up with a girl he met at improv class. However, Abby then slept with Nick afterwards only to find out later that he had slept with the improv girl. Double oops.

3. Though things between Nick and Abby are certainly tumultuous, they ended Season 1 sharing a smooch on the roof.

4. Partway through Season 1, Connor moved out of the Lux into a swanky new home in the Hollywood Hills. However, loneliness got the better of him and he began indulging in some destructive behavior, such as heavy drinking, acting like a diva on the set of his medical drama and a bar fight that gave him severe facial injuries. Though he hurt his face pretty badly, it inspired the creators of the show to write it into his storyline. In addition to all that drama, he burned down his house which will no doubt lead him back to the Lux.

5. Another one of Connor’s destructive behaviors included hooking up with aging actress and Lux resident Raquel (Jewel Staite). Raquel was recently dropped by her management and is doing whatever it takes to turn a promising script she found into a movie. Raquel even scouted out an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to find a producer with money and tricked him into falling for her, so he would give her money to fund the project. At the end of the season she found out she was pregnant — but the father has yet to be revealed.

6. Aspiring dancer Alicia (Chelan Simmons) was down on her luck after she thought she was turned down from joining Usher on tour, so she started stripping. That eventually led to appearing in an adult film. However, it was revealed in the season finale that she did get the Usher gig, but has done some permanent damage to her career thanks to her previous decisions.

7. In what is probably the most dramatic storyline, gay hip-hop songwriter Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson) began a secret relationship with successful rapper Kaldrick (Andra Fuller). Kaldrick is paranoid about people finding out and even threatened Abby after finding out she knew about the forbidden couple.

8. Though the couple’s relationship had its ups, the season ended on a down when the two were caught kissing and Kaldrick began to beat Tariq to make it look like the advances weren’t mutual.

To watch the drama further unfold on Season 2 of The L.A. Complex, tune in when it premieres on The CW Tuesday July 17 at 9 PM.

Watch a preview from the Season 2 premiere below.