Real Housewife of NJ Melissa Gorga, Ralph Macchio Are Cousins: 8 Surprising Celebrity Family Relations (PHOTOS)

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Who knew these two were related?

On July 16, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga revealed on Twitter that she’s cousins with Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio.

How exactly did the news come about?

Apparently, Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen asked viewers to submit questions for the former Dancing With the Stars contestant — who will stop by the show on Thursday, July 19 — and a fan tweeted the fun fact to Cohen.

Gorga replied to the fan, saying:







Gorga and Macchio aren’t the only random celebs who are related.

Angelina Jolie and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton are 9th cousins, twice removed, while research shows that besties Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are 10th cousins, once removed.

Click through the gallery to find out more random celeb relatives.

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