‘The Glee Project’ Preview: Memory… Like the Corner of Choreography (VIDEO)

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While the kids of The Glee Project have been spending weeks adapting to quick choreography and challenging themselves vocally and comfort-wise with characters, clothing, and scenarios, the competition is just now culminating. Combining all of their new skills, the Top 8 this week must undergo the challenge of “Theatricality,” something Glee may truly be known for above and beyond anything else—including Darren Criss’ shiny, shiny hair.

What song perfectly embodies the theme of “Theatricality” to you?

Glee baddy (but hottie!) Sebastian Smythe himself, aka Grant Gustin, stops by The Glee Project this week to act as mentor and give one special contestant an edge for the video shoot.

Fun fact: Gustin was actually discovered by Robert Ulrich, cast on Glee because Ulrich saw his tape and had remembered him from an earlier audition, a part for which he wasn’t as right.

Gustin obviously has a fun story to share with the contestants, but it is later, in the choreography room with Zach Woodlee where things may get really exciting. Prepping to shoot a music video of the Pussycat Dolls’ “When I Grow Up,” Woodlee tell the contestants that this week, it’s much more a “game of memory” than it is about smooth moves.

Remember memory? Something tells us you never played it like this!

Watch the video clip below to see why Woodlee equates it this way.

“Theatricality” is all about the spectacle, and in many ways, some smoke and mirrors. It’s about selling a theme and a story through often unnatural movements and big moments, and let’s face it, it is those who exaggerate the best—not those who are technically the best—who shine here.

For The Glee Project kids this should be a new muscle to exercise and to which to adapt. After all, you’d hope they got this far because of their actual talent, right? So needless to say they will be put to the test this week!

The Glee Project airs on Oxygen on Tuesday nights at 10 PM.

Who do you think is the most overly dramatic contestant, and therefore this week’s likely winner, left on The Glee Project? Weigh in in the comments below!

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