Beyonce Shows Off New Braided Hair and Blue Ivy At NYC's Bergdorf Goodman (PHOTOS)

Jay-Z's Song for Blue
Beyonce Song for Daughter
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Blue Ivy does Bergdorf!

Beyonce’s six-month-old baby girl got a crash course in retail therapy as the mother-daughter duo stopped in to  New York's Bergdorf Goodman.

Rocking a new hair style of golden-brown braids and a colorful, graphic-print romper, Queen B cradled her bundle of joy as she scanned the high-budget fashions on Wednesday afternoon.

But what was the highlight of the shopping spree?

While the proud mama usually shield her darling daughter from the flashing cameras, a close-by customer was able to slyly snapped a candid shot of baby Blue.

“Beyonce & Blue Ivy,” @BeyonceIndo tweeted along with the sweet snap.

Another excited fan confirmed the in-store sighting, tweeting, “It's cool. Just shopping next to Beyonce at Bergdorf, baby on her hip. No entourage. She winked at me, no s**t."

It's been a while since Beyonce and Jay-Z's pride and joy, Blue Ivy, has shown her face. To be exact, the public has only gotten a peek at her precious face when the power couple posted the first photos of Blue on their Tumblr.

Do you think Bey and Blue look alike? Weigh in below.

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  • getagripalready!

    @daintytoocute! edwards ...what the actual fuck are you talking about???? you do realize that you sound like a complete psycho, don't you? grow up. you're making no sense whatsoever, and you're making yourself sound silly. she needs to die though? correct me if i'm wrong, but that doesn't seem like something that you and your "holier than thou" attitude would be allowed to wish on someone without some kind of consequenses from your god...speaking of whom, has never been proven to be real. i suggest that before you become a full-fledged jesusfreak you read a real book, besides the bible. you know, one based on factual information. you might be surprised to learn that there is in fact more to life than aiming to please some magical sky daddy. and even if you decide not to take my advice...realize that not everyone chooses to live a life of lies and nonsense based on a piece of literature that may not be but probably is fictional. i'm sure you dont like it when people try to force their religious beliefs on you, so have the decency not to do it to anyone else, celebrity or not. it's uncalled for, and people are going to attack your religion in turn, which could be totally avoided if you discontinued your wreckless ass comments.

  • daintytoocute! edwards
    daintytoocute! edwards

    ok then beyonce not ma fav but she can gwan a like her songs thou but the demanic things a dont like eg..who the hell would name there child blue ivy..smh thts a demanic baby n how she afraid to show the babys come a didn't c her with no belly to she the pregnancy... smfh beyonce hurry up n dye cause people like u don't deserve to be living on god's world BITCH!!!

  • ashley

    i do not like kk

  • tboy89

    love the hair! love the ethnic sexy look. back to tha roots!!! :) Finally!!! Great B keep it up!

  • lilmom

    she is kute in that is a kute name

  • bvaer


  • Kay

    She so cute and does look like Bey alot if you looked at Bey's pics when she was that age they look identical... much love to that fam because people downtalked her throughout her whole pregnancy

  • Neldavareko

    i like this story.

  • queebee2u

    Blue Ivy is too friggin cute!!! as for the braids, not bad at all besides any new mom knows after having a baby you want something easy that you dont have to do much maintenance to for at least a month! baby blue is just a cutie patootie!!!

  • kimmie55


  • danielleakame

    not the biggest fan of the do...but maybe when it is down? idk she had such pretty hair before...

  • miss.rouso

    sorry b, but i'm not feel'n the new do 8/

  • hannah

    When Did You Have Baby Blue Because I Think She Cute And She Looks Like You Xx

  • hannah

    she is so cute xx


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