Katie Holmes’ Commitment To Tom Cruise and Scientology Almost Ripped Her Family Apart, Say Pals (EXCLUSIVE)

Scientology and Tom
How involved is the religion in Tom Cruise's life?
With Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise officially a thing of the past, friends and family of the actress are revealing that the A-list couple’s marriage almost tore her family apart.

Kari Somo, 32, a friend from Holmes’ private Catholic school Notre Dame Academy in Toledo, Ohio, told Celebuzz exclusively that the star’s transformation from strict Catholic to Scientologist was jarring — and caused severe rifts within her family.

“We thought it was very shocking when she turned to Scientology, since we were all brought up Catholic,” the restaurant manager said. “I know her parents had an issue with it. I don’t think they were very happy with it.”

She had especially harsh words for Cruise.

“I think Tom Cruise is very dominant and controlling,” she added. “I don’t think their relationship is normal.”

Angela Domschot, another classmate, also said 33-year-old Holmes was always a devout Catholic.

“That is why it was so bizarre that she got involved in Scientology,” the Toledo police offer said. “We were all shocked when she turned to Scientology, but when you’re besotted with someone, I guess you’ll do what they want.”

Holmes’ friends say the future star didn’t even have a boyfriend at school, as her parent’s strict Catholic principles discouraged it. In fact, she only interacted with boys through acting, often appearing in plays organized by Notre Dame’s sister school, the all-boys St. John’s Jesuits.

Despite being family-oriented, since her marriage to Cruise, Holmes has not often made it back to her hometown — where her parents still live.

Celebuzz spoke to family member Thomas Higgins, who is married to Holmes’ cousin Kristen; he revealed that when the actress does return to Toledo, it is “hush-hush” and generally for events like funerals.

“Katie used to babysit for us a few years ago,” Higgins said from his home. “But now she only comes back for funerals. We only get to see her at sad occasions and bad events.

“Often, the family only know she’s been in town after the event. She keeps it hush-hush, and her side of the family is quite large.”

Another cousin, Amy Mahoney, said: “I never see her.”

Perhaps now that Holmes and Cruise have reached a divorce settlement, her family will see more of her — and her daughter, Suri.  In the meantime, the six-year-old will soon be following in her mother’s footsteps: she’s set to attend a private Catholic school.

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