‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Charms Will Set You Free

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The Liars plans to expose ‘A’ went awry in Tuesday’s episode of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars.

Not only did their plan to implicate Garrett (Yani Gellman) further backfire but Emily (Shay Mitchell) recalled more information from the night she was drugged and ended up at Allison’s (Sasha Pieterse) open grave.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watch “The Remains of the ‘A.’”

As we suspected, the ‘April Rose’ in Garrett’s note wasn’t actually a person but a location. With the help of the tag team half-siblings Jason (Drew Van Acker) and Spencer (Troian Bellasario), we found out that ‘April Rose’ was actually an antique shop that happened to have an old anklet of Ali’s, one she never took off.  (Sidenote: Can these two have a spinoff detective show, because we would totally watch that!). Too bad this anklet, which the police had been looking for, got Garret off the hook on the murder charges as it contained two samples of blood, one Ali’s and one unknown. Of course, ‘A’ had to stick it to Spence with a text just at the very moment she found out. Looks like the Liars are back to square one in their search for Ali’s killer and their tormenter.

Detective Wilden (Bryce Johnson) was sketching out the Liars as well after he was given the note the girls switched with Garrett’s. The sly creepy detective was all too eager to find out just why the girls were helping the former police officer.

After finding Emily’s jacket from “that night” in the giveaway piles, Hanna (Ashley Benson) got the location for the drop box of where it came from. With this, Emily set out to find some clues and stumbled upon a café she remembered. In her memory, we see someone writing “I’m sorry I left you” on the place mat and a hand with a circle and eye tattoo grabbing Em’s to help her out of the café.

Emily saw this tattoo again, on Holden’s (Shane Coffey) wrist at the dance. He told her it’s a stamp from a regular party that he actually used to see Maya at a lot. Could he have something to do with ‘A?’ It sure looked like his hair and a black hoodie next to Emily in one of her memories.

Meanwhile, Aria (Lucy Hale) didn’t have much to do except for start her new job as Laurel Tuckman’s assistant and find a whole lot of money in Ezra’s (Ian Harding) drawer. Though he says the money is from selling his grandfather’s car, there sure was a lingering shot on the bureau after they cuddled up on his couch. Is he hiding something?

Buzz Moments:

OMG: Garret is set free by the anklet Spencer and Jason found!! OMG, WHO KILLED ALI!?!?

Thank you, TV Gods.: The reference to the NAT club was more than welcome since we’ve yet to hear about this group and their connection to Allison since last season.

Awk-ward: Mr. Hastings walking in on Toby and Spencer’s make out session. AWK-WARD. Especially with that whole “I miss the days when you ran with me” comment.  He’s just weird.

Hotness: I’d say Toby and Spencer’s make out session would take this again but really the increased appearance of Jason in the episode takes it with the hot factor.

Fab-u-lous: Hands down, Hanna had the cutest wardrobe in this episode. That yellow crochet dress is adorable!

Can. Not. Wait.: So many more questions come with every reveal on this show that it’s hard not to anticipate everything. With Aria going to see Mona (Janel Parrish) next week, I’m sure something big is going to do down!

Celebuzz (1-10): 8

Who do you think the Liars will investigate next? What will Mona tell Aria and Hanna? Tell us in the comments below!

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