‘Total Recall’ Star Kate Beckinsale On Text Wars With Hubby: ‘It’s Amazing How Quickly You Can Type Douchebag’ (VIDEO)

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How does Kate Beckinsale manage to work with director husband Len Wiseman? By keeping her cell close by at all times!

While it may seem like the couple keeps the peace on set, the Total Recall actress admits that she and her hubby squabble plenty — just via text message.

“If we’re on set, you know, and we’re having an argument or anything … it’s very useful because we can have a vicious argument without anyone knowing,” Beckinsale told The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. “It’s a bit embarrassing, he’s directing the movie, I’m in the movie, and we’re shouting … it’s very un-British.”

So instead, the brunette beauty, 38, turns to texting to discreetly duke it out with Wiseman. “It’s amazing how quickly you can type out douchebag,” she confessed with a laugh.

And her husband isn’t the only one filling up her inbox.

Beckinsale’s 13-year-old daughter Lily — her child with ex-boyfriend Michael Sheen — constantly begs to hop on the social media bandwagon.

“I have my daughter harassing me every five minutes, can I please have a Facebook?” said this month’s Glamour cover girl. “And I’m going, no, no. I don’t want her to.”

But her daughter does have permission to watch Beckinsale’s must-see British TV show, Embarrassing Bodies, on which people seek out medical opinions on odd physical problems like “something to do with your a**, or some penis thing,” she explained.

“It’s my absolute favorite,” the 38-year-old actress confessed. “It’s just stunning to me that people would do this. I’m fascinated.”

“I love going back to England…because you can turn on the television…and there’s some program with a really overweight man gloomily washing his naked body,” she continued. “And you never see that in America. And I think you’d be the better for it.”

What do you think of Beckinsale’s texting tactics? Sound off in comments.

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