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Shouldn’t reviving the family business be met with great enthusiasm? The walls start closing in on the Ewings on Wednesday’s episode of TNT’s Dallas.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched “Collateral Damage”

John Ross (Josh Henderson) was still itching to get the mineral rights trust broken, in order to drill on Southfork. Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) reminded his big cousin there’s no way he will ever be able to drill on Southfork without approval of a majority of the trustees, and that ain’t gonna happen, since their Uncle Gary sided with Bobby (Patrick Duffy) against JR (Larry Hagman).

As Christopher gloated, John Ross reminded him of how he used to let him score a few goals early on, when they played pick-up basketball as kids. This used to cause Chris to get too cocky, and ultimately lose the entire ballgame, said John Ross. Christopher, in turn, threw down his Stetson by informing John Ross he plans to fight for both Southfork and Elena (Jordana Brewster)!

Rebecca (Julie Gonzalo) paid Elena a visit, complete with a gift basket, where she thanked her rival for taking her to the hospital, and apologized for busting up Chris and Elena’s romance. She then proceeded to puke in Elena’s bathroom. Beware of con artists bearing gifts!

Elena figured out Rebecca’s nosebleed and now her upset stomach could only mean one thing, she’s pregnant. Rebecca quickly confirmed Elena’s worst fear: Christopher is going to be a daddy!

Ann (Brenda Strong) was still enthralled by the mysterious locket Harris (Mitch Pileggi) sent, when Bobby (Patrick Duffy) called wanting to spend some quality time with his wife. Ann lied that she was out shopping, when she was really at a park, watching children playing.

It was just as well Annie didn’t have time to spend with Bobby. Jock and Miss Ellie’s youngest son soon had other things to deal with, like the fact that Harris was pressing charges on him for that little bitch-slapping incident!

Bobby was livid over being hauled off to jail for a simple slap. It didn’t help his mood to learn the only way he could escape charges was to apologize to Harris Ryland.

Bobby ultimately decided to be the bigger man, for Annie’s sake, and apologized to Ryland, but not before issuing his wife’s ex-husband one brutal warning. Ryland countered by handing Bobby an envelope filled with Ann’s dirty little secrets.

John Ross took his cousin Lucy (Welcome back, Charlene Tilton!) out to lunch, initially under the guise of strolling down Southfork’s memory lane. It didn’t take long for Lucy to realize JR’s son wasn’t really there to talk about sneaking bourbon back when he was a kid on the ranch. John Ross offered Lucy a cut of the profits if she convinced her daddy to sign off on drilling at Southfork. Lucy realized her little baby cuz had grown up into the kind of two-legged rattlesnake that no doubt made his daddy proud and would make her father cringe.

Christopher came upon Elena trying to fix her broken down truck. He apologized for the way he treated her and about their failed attempt to get married. Before Chris could tell Elena he wanted another go of it with her, she let him know he needed to call his new bride. As Chris continued insisting his marriage to Rebecca was over, Elena blurted out that Mrs. Christopher Ewing is with child!

Christopher cried B.S., certain this was another of Rebecca and Tommy’s stunts. Elena informed Christopher her future was with John Ross and his was with his new baby. Chris later headed over to confront Rebecca, who surprisingly agreed to a DNA test.

At lunch, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) filled Elena in on the problems John Ross was facing. Sue Ellen implored her protégé to float John Ross a few barrels of oil to tide over the ruthless Venezuelans who hold the lien on Southfork. Elena was reluctant, stating John Ross knew how she felt about drilling on Southfork. Sue Ellen explained to Elena that sometimes in life you have to take sides, and she was hoping Elena picked the right one.

Later on, as John Ross was making his own romantic sales pitch to Elena, he spotted Fake Marta (Leonor Varela), or did he? He excused himself to catch up to his crazy ex, but she was nowhere to be found.

John Ross doesn’t have much time to keep looking for a phantom Elena, however, because Vincente (Carlos Bernad) summoned him for a meeting to discuss the progress, or lack thereof, with the Southfork drilling project. John Ross asked Vincente for more time, but the Venezuelan was growing weary of the Ewings stall tactics. John Ross sacrificed Marta/Veronica, by revealing she’s skimmed money off the top of the Southfork deal.

An unhinged Marta/Veronica didn’t take too kindly to being sold out by her sex tape costar. She used Elena’s phone to trick John Ross into coming to meet her. Once he arrived, John Ross found Elena even more bat poop crazy than ever!

She warned him that if he didn’t want to see Elena hurt, he’d better help her out of the mess he got her in with the Venezuelans. When John Ross noticed a camera taping them, he lost it on an increasingly paranoid Marta. After their explosive confrontation, John Ross left the room, just as Vincente’s henchmen are making their way to the room.

Once John Ross made his way outside the hotel, he was stunned to find a dead Marta/Veronica, sprawled on top of the hood of a car, 14 stories below her room! Did Vincente’s men take care of Marta, or did she commit suicide? John Ross decided it was best he not be around to find out. The Ewing scion sped off in his car, as onlookers watched in horror. Later at Southfork, Bobby worried Ryland was up to more tricks when the police showed up, but it wasn’t him they were looking for, it was John Ross!

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Just when Christopher wrapped his head around Rebecca being pregnant, he finds out she’s having twins!

Thank you, TV gods.: Veronica’s madness has come to an end.

Awk-ward: Christopher telling Elena he wants them to start over again regardless of Rebecca’s DNA test, only to have his childhood sweetheart shoot him down.

Hotness: Elena decides to stand by her man and help a prideful John Ross out of the jam he’s in.

Fab-u-lous: JR still being on the pulse of what’s happening in Dallas even though he’s not there.

Can. Not. Wait: I’m interested to see if Vincente will assisnt John Ross getting the charges dropped or use this as incentive to get drilling on Southfork.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 9.

How do you think John Ross will beat a murder rap and save Southfork at the same time? Will Ann’s secrets destroy her marriage to Bobby? Weigh in below in the comments section.

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