'Dark Knight Rises': 10 Things You Should Know Before Watching the Film (PHOTOS)

what fans can expect
10 Things You Should Know Before Watching 'The Dark Knight Rises'
BSMG: 'Dark Knight Rises'
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Christopher Nolan's Batman comes to a close as The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters Friday, but what do fans really know about the film?

It's been four years since Nolan's last installment -- 2008's The Dark Knight -- and many things have changed since then -- both in production and the movie's plot.

With what the critics are saying is Nolan's finest Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises looks to be a movie full of dark twists and surprises. To get viewers ready for the summer blockbuster, Celebuzz has decided to compile a list of things moviegoers should know before going to the theater this weekend.

Launch the gallery to get your refresher course of The Dark Knight Rises trilogy.

Are you excited for The Dark Knight Rises?

Check out the film's trailer -- below -- then make your case in the comments.

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  • bronxbishop

    Are they serious? Why did they not name the article "10 things that will spoil the movie for you?

  • Why did you do that? :(
    Why did you do that? :(

    WHYYYYY did you do that????? Unbelievable...irresponsible reporting. Was going to be completely surprised in a few short hours. Thanks...

  • gossip

    I hate it when everyone is talking about a movie that just came out, please give us a chance to see it before you all start giving away the plot gossipmagazineonline.com and greatvacationspots.net highlights, and the ending

  • Disappointed

    Unbelievable! You a**holes titled the story "10 things you should know BEFORE watching the film" and ignorantly forgot to mention that are spoilers in the story. Stupid!