‘Real L Word’ Stars Amanda Leigh Dunn and Lauren Bedford Russell Promise ‘So Much Drama’ This Season

The newest stars of The Real L Word are promising “so much drama” on the third season of the hit Showtime reality series (airing Thursday), in an arc they say will include a lot of “sex, love, drugs, rock and roll … everything.”

“There’s a lot of drama when it comes to meeting new people and being in a new city and change of pace,” said Amanda Leigh Dunn, who on the show moves from New York to Los Angeles to room with her best friend, Lauren Bedford Russell.

“There is definitely a lot of rivalries, as far as who has hooked up with [whom]. For me going into a new city, I didn’t know any of it so being tossed into it you may have stepped on people’s toes without realizing it,” she added.

“I don’t want to put down the other two seasons but this is far and above any season [of the show] …,” said Russell. “Its going to be really exciting and fun.”

On the first episode of the season, which tracks the lives of various lesbian women living in Los Angeles and New York, Russell describes her relationship with Dunn as friends with benefits.

Does that mean we’ll be seeing them hook up together this season?

“We can’t say how that plays out,” said Russell. “But I think its funny to see people’s reactions [to our friendship], because it wasn’t a big deal.”

“We’ve known each other for five or six years and we’ve gone through so many different life experiences together with relationships and drama and moving … ” added Dunn. ” For us its just like not something that we give very much thought to. It actually confuses people a lot. They don’t understand how we can have such a really good friendship and then be so casual and comfortable, I guess. I mean, sometimes, it is a little complicated. You’ll see.”

Dunn and Russell are entering a show that already has two seasons under its belt. One would think diving into an established show might be a little intimidating; however both Dunn and Russell say the experience was anything but.

“Everybody pretty much naturally knows each other in one way or another,” said Dunn. “There is a way that everyone is connected, and I think that happens a lot in general in the gay community. I think that there is a really funny way in which each character is integrated into the show, and into each other’s lives. It was pretty fluent.”

“You’ll see when you watch the show,” added Russell. “It’s kind of cool how it all plays out. But everyone is kind of intermingled in the past and into the future. It’s a fun show. You’ll enjoy it.”

The Real L Word airs Thursday nights at 10PM on Showtime.