The Confessions of ‘Bachelorette’ Contestants: 8 Moments You Didn’t See on the Show (EXCLUSIVE)

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With The Bachelorette Emily Maynard set to pick her man on Sunday’s season finale, Celebuzz started to wonder what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling. With only a short amount of footage to fit into each episode, we decided to speak with former contestants on the hit ABC show, and let the guys dish their craziest and most hilarious confessions.

What happened to Ed Swiderski after his Season 5 proposal to Jillian Harris? Which former contestant almost had to attend the rose ceremony in pants “five sizes too small”? What ever happened to Travis Pope’s ostrich egg?

Learn the answers to these questions and much more in exclusive confessions on Celebuzz.

1. Wardrobe Malfunction (Almost) Seen Around The World

In 2009, Kiptyn Locke joined showed Season 5 Bachelorette Jillian Harris that he could let loose and have a good time with her on the flamenco dancing date in Spain. But what viewers didn’t see was the potential wardrobe malfunction prior to filming.

“Something got lost in translation between U.S. and European sizes, and the pants they had for me were five sizes too small,” he told Celebuzz.

“So I have two executive producers on their knees, trying to close the pants over my crotch. I was mortified, but it was just too funny… These women are trying to push my butt this way and that way,” he said.

Eventually, they found other pants before he had to get in front the cameras. “They were still equally as tight. Guess that’s good for the female fans, right? Jillian was cracking up,” he joked. “There were plenty of crotch jokes made that night that never aired.”

2. The Proposals Aren’t That Romantic

Season 4 winner Jesse Csincsak still remains pretty jaded from his time on the show. He was the winner of the fourth season of the television reality show competition, though his relationship with DeAnna Pappas did not last. Opening up about the final proposal, he claims “nothing is organic” and all the guys are told by producers from day one that they must propose — no questions asked!

“Even if you’re not into her, if you go to the end, you have to propose. Bottom line. It’s silly really. Maybe that’s why most of these relationships don’t work because they’re forced into them,” he said.

3. Some Contestants Have Girlfriends at Home,

Csincsak also dishes that some guys on the show are just looking to be famous — and probably already have a girlfriend waiting for them at home. The season winner specifically calls out Season 4 contestant Graham Bunn, revealing they all knew he had a girlfriend.

“We all knew. It was obvious,” he said.

“Every season when someone randomly goes home because they miss someone, I don’t buy it. There are always ulterior motives. Seriously, what 30-something man gets home sick?!”

4. The Ostrich Egg Gets Fried!

Travis Pope got Emily Maynard’s attention when he brought an ostrich egg to woo her. But what audiences didn’t see was that the egg, which he named Shelly, had to be replaced “almost a dozen times.”

His cast mates even broke one open to make a huge omelette for breakfast, recalls Kalon McMahon.

“One day, he came down the stairs, and we had cooked the egg for breakfast. He freaked out like, ‘Oh my god! No! Not Shelly!'” the season eight contestant jokes. “He was devastated.”

But when a “new Shelly” was brought to set, Pope took care of the egg and even “gave it swimming lessons in the pool,” McMahon recalls.

5. Inside the Confessional

With the guys unable to use Internet, phones, music or books for about six weeks, they have to devise ways to entertain themselves.

In addition to creating a rap video, McMahon reveals that he would do “interviews with a vampire” starring contestant Alessandro Goulart to pass time in the confessional.

“We all thought it was funny, but apparently it has no relevance to Emily, so they didn’t use,” he said. “The never-before-seen footage needs to be released on DVD. It’s funny stuff.”

6. Inside the Fantasy Suite

One suitor — who asked to be kept anonymous — dished about what it’s like inside the Fantasy Suite.

“First, there are no cameras filming the sex scenes in the room — BUT there’s never a microphone free moment,” the former contestant revealed.

“Producers want you to believe you’re completely alone and they’re giving you privacy, but there are microphones everywhere. They’re secretly hoping you open up or say something juicy… And if you’re having sex, producers may not be able to see what’s happening, but they can definitely hear you!”

7. Booted Contestants Have to See a Psychiatrist

“When you get booted, you immediately see the show’s psychiatrist,” a former contestant reveals.

“Everyone talks to her for 15 minutes or so when you’re kicked off the show just to check your mental state — and then they throw you back into the real world.”

8. Life After The Cameras Stop Rolling

On Season 5 of The Bachelorette, Ed Swiderski briefly left the competition to focus on his job, but he returned, went on to win the competition, and became engaged to Jillian Harris. Hoping to relax from the reality show whirlwind, Swiderski returned home only to find out people still wanted to follow his every move.

“My craziest experience was coming home to my apartment in Chicago after the finale, and having tons of paparazzi vehicles outside my front door,” he recalls.

“They all jumped out and started chasing me down the street. For about 10 seconds, I felt extremely awesome. Then it got annoying.”

Tune into the season finale of The Bachelorette Sunday on ABC. And come back to Celebuzz during the episode to take part in a live blog with us.

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