Katy Perry Faces Indecency Charge In India

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Katy Perry's playful onstage antics have landed her in hot water.

According to MTV News, the "Part of Me" singer and Australian cricketer Doug Bollinger offended some members of the Indian public with their "obscene and lascivious" hip-shaking moves at the opening of the Indian Premier League in April -- and now face an indecency complaint.

The indecency case, which relates to the moment Bollinger put his arms around Perry to demonstrate a cricket bat move at the Chennai event, will go before an Indian court later this month. The pair have not been formally charged and will not have to appear in court.

Lawyer K. Jebakumar claims the gesture — and subsequent hip-shaking dance the two shared — was "obscene and lascivious," and "distracted students who were writing exams at the time."

Following the performance, Jebakumar filed a claim with the Madras High Court, stating that Perry and Bollinger committed offenses under India's Indecent Representation of Woman Act.

A spokesperson for Perry did not respond to Celebuzz's request for comment on the matter by press time.

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  • guest

    can i just point out how stupid you are? she sings thats what she does. You gotta respect every culture especially when you are in their land. "’ll give you “obscene and lascivious” hip movements assholes." <---- im pretty sure that's what YOU do to make a living :)

  • Lauren Shockley
    Lauren Shockley

    Can I just point out how stupid this is? I'll give you "obscene and lascivious" hip movements assholes. That's what Katy Perry does. Don't like it? Don't let her into your country.

  • Well

    Some countries are way too controlling.