Living in the Shadows of Fame: Children of Hollywood Stars Pay a Price, Says HLN Host Jane Velez-Mitchell (VIDEO)

Cute Celeb Kids
Hollywood's most adorable offspring.
Do children of Hollywood stars pay the price for living in the shadows of fame — and, if so, is it worth the costs?

That’s the big question on many readers’ minds when it comes to seeing their favorite celebrities go through the ups and downs of life in the spotlight.

“It’s a double-edged sword,” HLN anchor Jane Velez-Mitchell told Celebuzz, addressing questions in our #AskJane video feature. “Children of famous people are instant royalty, they grow up with tremendous privilege.”

What else did Jane have to add about the paparazzi-covered lives of celebrity progeny?

Sometimes, youngsters’ star status can give them a boost in their future careers — like Goldie Hawn’s movie-star daughter, Kate Hudson, or Paul McCartney’s fashion designer daughter, Stella McCartney.

“They grow up with tremendous privilege and preferential treatment,” Velez-Mitchell says of the Hollywood offspring. “Sometimes, this gives them the confidence and they go on and become famous in their own right.”

But not all celebrity children are so lucky.

“On the flip side, there are those who might feel in comparison to their famous parent,” Valez-Mitchell continued, and “might feel overshadowed and… by default, failures.”

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What do you think: Are celebrity offspring benefited or hurt by fame?