‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Fans Stay Defiant in Wake of Shooting: Most Still Heading to Film (VIDEO)

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'Dark Knight' Massacre
The latest news on the Colorado movie theater mass shooting.
Fans have refused to let the theater massacre stop them from seeing The Dark Knight Rises.

When news of the Colorado shooting at a midnight screening of the new Batman movie spread, it was thought that audiences would stay away from movie theaters.

However, on Friday as the country awoke to the terrible news that at least 12 people were dead and 59 people were injured in the shooting, filmgoers told Celebuzz they would not let fear win.

“You can’t let fear control you (and) take over our lives,” Juan Bendana told Celebuzz outside the Arclight theater in Los Angeles, Calif.

Since many of those arriving for the early morning screenings of the Christopher Nolan-directed blockbuster had put themselves on social media lock down to ensure that no one spoiled the film for them, they did not hear about the shooting until they were standing in line.

“It was kind of surprising,” Niki Nakagawa said.

“It’s tragic, but I don’t think it would have stopped me.”

Fan Thomas Salinas brought his entire family out to see Dark Knight Rises, despite what had happened.

“It was in the back of my mind but we didn’t let it stop us,” he told Celebuzz.

“It was an unfortunate event but we still wanted to see the movie.”

In the wake of the tragedy, cinema chains have vowed to step up security and many have banned filmgoers from wearing costumes or masks that cover their faces.

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