Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Divorce 'Should Be a Study for Celebrities Who Get Divorced,' Says Judge Jeanine Pirro (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

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TomKat Divorce Settlement
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The super-quick divorce between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was handled "beautifully, perfectly," according to FOX News personality Judge Jeanine Pirro.

"It should be a study for celebrities who get divorced," Pirro told Celebuzz, in an exclusive interview to promote her new novel, Sly Fox. "It was personal, the issues were resolved, it wasn't played out on the public stage. Ultimately, it benefits all three of them: Tom, Katie and [daughter] Suri."

"I think that the way Katie showed up publicly with Suri almost immediately prevented the stalkers from showing up, and the paparazzi from following her incessantly," she added. "Now, Tom is doing the same thing with Suri."

On Tuesday, Pirro -- who hosts the FOX program Justice with Judge Jeanine (Saturdays at 9PM) -- released her first fiction novel, Sly Fox, about a young female District Attorney who tries to break through the male-dominated world of criminal justice in the late-'70s.

The story, Pirro said, is based on the 30 years she spent in the criminal justice system, which she hopes will be a good summer read for her readers.

"It's a mystery, it's crime, it has courtroom scenes and it's reflective of a time when a man could beat his wife and nobody really cared," she said. "It wasn't even a crime, not unless you actually killed her."

"I spent 30 years in the criminal justice system," she continued. "I find it fascinating and compelling. I know that the public does, as well, and I wanted to give [them] an inside view of what it's like, not just in terms of the courtroom, but in terms of a woman who started at a time when she was nothing more than a curiosity."

Pirro added that the book's protagonist, Dani Cox, is clearly her alter-ego, which readers will be able to see on the book's very first page.

"If you read the first page, she's flopping her hair on an ironing board," she said. "Which is something I did back in the late-'70s, because they didn't have flat irons then. [Laughs]"

Pirro also said she hopes to continue writing fiction in the future, and is already working on a second novel.

"Dani's got a lot of time yet," she told Celebuzz.

Holmes, 33, filed for divorce from Cruise on June 29. Their divorce was finalized about 10 days later, in a confidential settlement.

Though details of the settlement remain under wraps, it has been reported that Holmes has received primary custody of the couple's daughter, Suri, while Cruise has been given generous visitation rights.

Earlier this week, Cruise, 50, spent the entire day with Suri during a recent stay in New York.

Click here to purchase your own copy of Sly Fox on Amazon.



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  • christina fede
    christina fede

    Katie did not look back. she is luckier than Karen de la Carriere, the Scientology President's wife who found out her son Alexander Jentzch had been dead three days on Facebook because Scientology Inc.targeted her as "Scientology Fair Game" (look it up) and did a Disconnection". They would not allow her at the funeral or to see the body of her own son. The Coroner's office is investigating the mysterious death right now.

  • NoCult

    As an ex-church of scientology member, in 2004-2005 I personally witnessed set ups/ pimping by David Miscavige for his "man-wife" Tom Cruise. David Miscavige ordered all his "church" organizations around the world to find beautiful women between the ages of 20 to 25 years old for a "special project." Yolanda Pecoraro (19) was a parishioner at the Celebrity Center International in Los Angeles was set up with Tom. She dated him for about 4 weeks and accompanied him to a Scientology event to generate cash donations which are used by Miscavige: Yolanda is wearing the long pink dress 10 seconds into this clip, standing between Tom Cruise and Mary Lee (Tom's mother). David Miscavige's secret Sea Org pimping team consisted of veteran RTC member Greg Wilhere (who assaulted Steve Hall, creator of, in an effort to stop him from escaping from the Sea Org in 2004), Tommy Davis (who twice lied on national TV denying the practice of disconnection), Jessica Feschback, Shane Woodruff (President of Celebrity Center International in 2004) and Shelley Miscavige (who David Miscavige "disappeared" in 2006 and who has not been seen since). These were all highly-placed Church executives running this "special project" to find the most sexually alluring, highly educated females with squeaky-clean ethics records. This entire Miscavige/Cruise "special project" was a predatory front using false pretenses, Church organizations and resources to filter unwary candidates and funnel women into Tom Cruise's bed. Thus what it really amounts to was CHURCH-SPONSORED RAPE. During the last 2 weeks of their relationship, David Miscavige was busy pimping another woman for Tom Cruise. Their next victim was a 25-year old brunette who was also a Scientology parishioner. A thorough background check and investigation was done on her at Celebrity Center International. In the meantime, Tom Cruise dismissed Yolanda, buying her silence by purchasing a huge amount of Scientology services training and auditing (a bribe worth tens of thousands of dollars). Yolanda's entire family were Scientologists and all were coerced to sign bonds of confidentiality to maintain secrecy and never expose the truth to any media, otherwise they will be declared suppressive persons and disconnected from everyone they know. The new brunette was told she had been chosen to help expand Scientology and that she would be meeting with top VIPs and world officials. Too late, she realized that Church officials had lied to her. She expressed concern and raised questions. The entire facade was a lie; no self-respecting woman would willingly allow herself to be so used, degraded and humiliated. Instead of using force, they used cunning falsehoods and half truths to entrap her. Miscavige and Cruise quickly shifted into damage-control mode, sending her off to the sprawling Flag Service Organization in Clearwater, Florida. There, Miscavige henchman, Tommy Davis (by order of David Miscavige) had the woman imprisoned, emotionally tortured and interrogated for four months. There she was forced to do heavy physical labor. The intention was to break her emotionally and spiritually, to destroy her will power and self respect as a human being. They failed. Tom Cruise and David Miscavige are sex criminals, human rights violators, and abusive-monster sociopaths. My heart goes to those great people, normal parishioners and staff who are trapped in this cult out of fear of being disconnected from loved ones and being harassed if they ever come forward to expose their truth.

  • dvid


  • Denar

    The reason it was fast because TomCruise did not want his creeps at Scientology to be found out. They told him too. We are not stupid, nor is Katie. Scientology is nothing but a cult and dangerous. They wanted to shut her up! It will come out...mark my words

  • WonderingWhy

    Pirro knows about as much regaring thi case as I do but she is a media glomer ands she onificates anway. I don't believe she knows the details abou ay other case either.