'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' Couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Have PDA-Filled Night in Hollywood (PHOTOS)

Onlooker: "They were kissing, holding hands."
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Hold Hands During Date Night
KSTEW on '50 Shades'
Kristen talks working with Rob again Watch »

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are still going strong.

The Twilight: Breaking Dawn stars stopped by their favorite Hollywood hotspot, The Hotel Cafe, last night. The on- and off-screen pair were there to catch a performance by guitar-playing pal, Bobby Long.

"They were in and out from the backstage area to the bar and never left each other's sides all night," an onlooker tells Celebuzz.

They were even caught packing on the PDA. "They were kissing, holding hands and laughing. Rob and Kristen looked like they were having a relaxing time," the concertgoer added.

What happened next?

Following the concert, Pattinson, 26 and Stewart, 22, were not shy about staying close together. Pattinson held his girlfriend's hand and made sure she was safely inside their awaiting car.

Last weekend, the couple stepped out together at Comic-Con and were greeted by hoards of Twilight fans.

For the past four years, dedicated Twihards have waited for hours, even days, just to catch a glimpse of their favorite vampire couple at the famous convention. But since Breaking Dawn Part II — the final chapter of the epic saga — is coming out in November, this is the last time they’ll all be together for the event.

Looking summery, Stewart was wearing a tight neon skirt and white crop top, while Pattinson was cool and casual in a collared shirt and black pants.

Check out more of our coverage from Comic Con 2012, including our interview with Breaking Dawn actress Nikki Reed, in the video below.

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  • K-Stew

    Im sooo sorry Rob :(

  • K-Stew

    I Loveee her top

  • blahblah

    Are you blind?

  • Ezinne Nzewi
    Ezinne Nzewi

    who said they had sex,ive not read anywhere that they had sex so stop saying it unless you know its true

  • Laura Hugill
    Laura Hugill

    Don't paparazzi mainly ask them questions when there is a rumour going around? Because, if that's the case, they'd probably be screaming at Kristen (mainly): "KRISTEN! KRISTEN! IS IT TRUE THAT YOU'RE CHEATING ON ROB WITH YOUR SWATH DIRECTOR?" I think that if that ACTUALLY happened, Rob would definitely be interested in that fact and we'd have pictures where Rob is looking shocked and confused. Maybe even angry and walking away from Kristen. My belief is that it is ALL a rumour. Because, if it wasn't, don't you think that the pictures would have come out on the SAME DAY? If I was an HONEST paparazzi and my job was to tell the TRUTH and I found out that a celebrity who was in a relationship was cheating on their partner with another person, I would snap the photos and send them IMMEDIATELY to get them published ON THAT SAME DAY! Wouldn't you?

  • Lee

    Not one of these photos show them holding hands. Someone needs to recheck their facts!

  • Anna

    Wow! She really fought hard for her relationship, didn't she? 5 days and out?

  • Maria Julia Hernandez
    Maria Julia Hernandez

    ahora el...para que se presta a semejante farsa!!!!

  • Maria Julia Hernandez
    Maria Julia Hernandez

    ella lo engaña el día 17 de julio supuestamente y el día 19 de julio sale con rob de la mano???? que caradura esta chica... o esa noche ya se habían separado y tuvieron que fingir por las camaras

  • Guest

    "Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the sluttiest one of all?"

  • Angel

    Exactly !!! i really don't get it !!!

  • Guest

    Why would she want to have sex with that creepy old man when she has Robert Pattinson every day of the week?

  • soph

    did Rob know she was cheating before or after these photos have been released?

  • Anon

    And yet here you are, reading about their lives.

  • Jason

    lol so in love she cheated on his all

  • Amanda

    If you're gonna wear a shirt like that don't wear a black bra.

  • Pat

    Both have supported one another for at least last three years,something changed on robs 26 th b'day and Kristens London premier at that time an agreed commitment perhaps!!.Hence the PDA at Cannes and now finally living together.So after Kristens next production gets underway there may be the marriage and baby everyone is talking about.Rob has always said he wants children when he's young so perhaps now is a good time.

  • Marr

    Totally disagree it is for PR. They kept it hidden because of this crap. Now that it is coming to an end, they are more comfortable in their relationship. It sucks that paps and some people have to invade their privacy when they are enjoying private times like anybody else. Good for them anyways

  • Disagree

    Except the next Twilight film is not out until late November or December. So it's a bit silly to accuse them of doing a PR move five months in advance. I read Celebuzz on a regular basis, and while these two are obviously not spotted out a lot they also are spotted out at times when they don't have any films or promos to do. They've been spotted at concerts a lot at random times. I think it's kind of like any celeb. When there is a film coming out, the paps will get more aggressive and start following the film's star around more because that is what the tabloids will be focused on. For example, there have been a ton of Anne Hathaway photos lately because of TDKR, and Anne Hathaway is certainly not the type of actress who calls the paps on her. Anne still gets papped when she doesn't have a film, but she gets papped more around that time. Plus, they've been together for like 4 years. That's a long ass time for a PR relationship.

  • June

    Cute couple. Kristen looks beautiful. :)

  • publicity

    Cant possibly be because there's another Twilight movie out soon. If they are dating, fine but it seems more like publicity, they are rarely seen together between movies and yet every time there's a new one on the way or the fandom starts to die down a little here they are "Together" again, and neither one seem to be "Enjoying" much of anything in the pictures but then again that's how Kristen always looks lol. So anyway if they are dating that's cool but I think it screams publicity and once the movies are done so are they.

  • mileyismylife

    The back of her top is awesome!

  • Whitney

    Well said Kimberly. I feel sorry for them when it comes to this aspect of their lives. I love the movies and books to, but they deserve to be able to live without all of the chaos.

  • kimberly

    I totally agree. Leave them alone. Their private lives should be their own. They do a job, plain and simple. Our only concern with them should be whats on the screen. And these crazy paparazzi idiots should be jailed for harrassment. These poor people can't even go to dinner, its crazy. And people tweeting and facebooking their location. Stupid. I mean even if you want to get an autograph or something, don't you think you would have a better chance if the place didn't turn into a freak show. And believe me, I'm a huge twilight fan. I've read the books 127 times and know the movies word for word. But I also know this is just their job. And I know even if I am lucky enough to see them someday, I would never bother them while their on their own time. Thats what premiers, conventions and promoting is for. Just let them be.

  • Chris Oakley
    Chris Oakley

    That's cool that the last twilight is coming out soon, but at the same time kinda sucks because this is it. I think any kind of sequel at this point might just flop. From what I heard the soundtrack is supposed to feature Linkinpark, Muse, Paramore, Amber Danz, Carter Burwell, Mutemath, The Collective Soul, Iron and Wine and Perry Farrell. Should be a great film

  • Esther Johnson
    Esther Johnson


  • c

    Cute. Rob is so adorable in his cap. He must be the cutest guy alive.

  • stormy08

    i love seeing them together..but...i dont believe anthing rag mags or fans or tiwitter...until they are engaged...married...or have a baby....

  • Bella

    This is the problem and the reason celebs are so private and look mad so much, they have camera's in their faces all the time. Leave people alone .

  • Shirl Sitler
    Shirl Sitler

    Poor girl had nothing to wear except a holey teeshirt?

  • cara

    nice to see them being comfortable holding hands in public

  • twilight-lover


  • twilight-lover

    best couple ever!!! show the world ur in love :D love u sooooo