British Open on the Big Screen: Top 10 Most Entertaining Movie Golf Scenes (PHOTOS)

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The British Open has invaded once again, but you don’t have to to be a pro to get into the swing of golf.

Tiger Woods has stiff competition as golfing big shots are not out there on the green, but hitting up movie screens as well.

What could be better than watching a live golfing competition?

If anyone thinks that golfing is boring, think again.

Classic films such as Tin Cup starring Kevin Costner, Caddyshack featuring Rodney Dangerfield and Chevy Chase, and Vince Vaughan’s breakout flick Swingers all give a new meaning to the sport of golf.

Of course, they may be a little on the faux side, but that’s what makes them so alluring.

Eyeing the handsome men who play golf — as opposed to analyzing each individual putt — may not be so bad but, viewing the stunts performed in golf flicks such as Happy Gilmore create inevitable laughing attacks — even if it’s with a side of eye-rolling.

In Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler plays a an unsuccessful hockey player who develops his skills in the golf world. He is one of the most unconventional golf players, yet somehow manages to win — big time.

Click through our gallery and see the top 10 most entertaining golfing scenes.

For more on golfing celebs, watch the video below about the British Open.

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